What Is Doppio Espresso And Why You Should Try It

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If you’re wondering what is doppio espresso, it is a type of coffee that consists of two shots of espresso in one cup. It is known for being strong and intense, but also smooth and flavorful. If you are looking to try something new, doppio espresso may be a good option for you.

What is Doppio Espresso?

A doppio espresso is a double shot of espresso coffee. It is the most famous espresso drink that you can find in any coffee shop with a professional espresso maker. You can even recreate the Doppio at home if your espresso machine has a single shot function.

It’s called a doppio for a reason

The references to the American classic Italian espresso culture are often comical and confusing. This is because many Americans do not know how to properly make an espresso. As a result, they end up making a mockery of the entire process.

Many terms you’ll find on coffee shop menus are a result of Starbucks. For example, a “macchiato” describes a huge caramel milkshake. Additional Italian terms are also used.

Doppio was a term used by Starbucks in Seattle in the 1980s and ’90s.

The use of the term Doppio in Seattle is still being used today, even though it’s under the watchful eye of a certain green Mermaid. Many baristas in Seattle will ask you to clarify that you did not mean “two doppios span” when you order a “double”. Click To Tweet

You might be seen as an outsider if you say doppio at a high-end coffee house in other parts of the country.

A professional barista may think the following when they hear you use the term doppio outside of a Seattle Starbucks:

  • You’ve just arrived from Italy and you’re looking for a good cup of coffee.
  • You arrived in a time machine in 1992 and are still adapting to modern culture.
  • The individual is a great candidate to become a loyal customer because they have knowledge of the industry but their love of coffee has not kept up.

If you ask for a doppio in a fancy café, and the barista starts asking you questions about your order, don’t worry. They are simply trying to understand what kind of customer you are so they can best serve you.

Let’s out more about different types and varieties of coffee.

What is Doppio Espresso – Origins

The Doppio is a beloved espresso-based drink that gives off a little kick, named after its Latin origins. The name itself is a combination of three Latin words: Dous Plus and Pleo, which create the word “Duplus”. This coffee drink has been around for centuries and continues to be enjoyed by many today.

This was then translated into Italian to create the word Doppio. Pronounced “DOHPEE-oh”, the word simply means “double” in Italian.

The Italians were experts in espresso roasting and espresso combining beans. Each shot from their espresso machines would be called either Solo or Un Cafe. This is one shot of espresso. A doppio is two shots of espresso.

You can add sugar or cream to your espresso after ordering. Then, you can enjoy it immediately.

Ordering a doppio in Italy

What is a doppio espresso?

Espresso bars are an integral part of Italy’s culture and foodways. If you are an espresso lover and travel to Italy, you might feel intimidated when entering an Italian cafe for the first time.

However, baristas in Italy care just as much about pleasing customers as anywhere else. Don’t let tradition stop you from ordering what you want.

It is important to remember that Italian coffee shops are more streamlined than American coffee shops.

There are other things you should remember about Italian coffee culture:

  • Espresso is best enjoyed immediately after it has been pulled. Italians often drink it while standing at the bar.
  • Coffee in Italy is typically served small. It’s not advisable to order coffee in Italy if you’re looking for something large.
  • Cappuccinos and milk drinks are Italian breakfast staples. They should not be consumed after lunch or dinner.

Different coffee shops in Italy are serving up different types of coffee, with some specializing in third-wave specialty coffees.

One great thing about exploring coffee in Italy is the opportunity to enjoy a doppio espresso at a bar next to someone who is playing a slot machine or drinking a beer at nine in the morning. Click To Tweet

Doppio vs. espresso

Cultural differences between a doppio and a standard espresso can be more easily identified than physical differences.

There are many meanings of the word doppio. The order in which your drink is delivered will depend on where you live and the type of coffee shop you visit.

A single shot of espresso will require very little coffee. The portafilter is used to brew espresso and has a thin coffee bed. This makes it extremely versatile.

A double shot gives the barista greater flexibility and produces consistent beverages.

Many coffee shops in the United States now offer double the standard size of their standard shots due to the relative ease with which they can produce consistent, high-quality shots of coffee with more coffee. The term doppio is considered somewhat outdated in most parts of the country.

If you are not in Seattle, it is safer to say “double” when ordering espresso in the United States. Or, you can simply say “espresso” to let your barista know how the coffee tastes. Click To Tweet

How strong is a doppio?

A different type of espresso will be produced if you order a long shot or any other item that increases the water amount required to extract a regular espresso. A doppio is two espresso shots in one cup. Because The volume is twice as large, the caffeine content is also doubled.

When was the doppio invented?

Espresso was impossible 100 years ago. Coffee was ground and filtered through a filter. This filter could separate coffee grounds from hot water. At the time of the invention of new machinery, many curious inventors had something to do.

1901 was the first time that coffee was made using steam and water pressure.

This was the moment a new patent was issued that used steam to make stronger espresso. It became espresso.

Angelo Moriondo was one of these people and was the first person to patent the idea in 1884. It was a large boiler that could produce 1.5 bars of pressure. This then pushes water through finely-ground coffee beans in a small chamber.

It would take 20 years for the invention to be famous after it was unveiled in Turnin, Italy.

Two Italian men, who were rock stars in coffee science at the time, are often credited for the invention of the modern espresso maker. Desiderio Pavoni and Luigi Bezerra were the first to patent their new espresso machine in 1903.

This is what history books overlook. It was created in 1901, they claim. This doesn’t account for the fact that the patent would be the final word in this story.

They improved the original design and added portafilters to the brew heads that allowed espresso to flow into one cup. Angelo couldn’t improve his design and he didn’t have the money to make any additional improvements to his patent, which he had in 1884.

This is where one man’s folly can lead to another innovation that has potential for improvement.

Luigi was an expert on the production of liquor. However, Desiderio, his partner in crime, actually knew Angelo. He offered to buy his patent for a song. He started by looking at the problems in the steam-powered espresso-making machines, then he made improvements to make them more user-friendly.

Desiderio was the first to add a pressure-relief valve.

This prevented espresso from splashing onto the machine’s surface after a barista released the pressure to extract the espresso. He is also credited for inventing the steam wad, which allows for excessive steam. Interestingly, they used their talents to promote this invention and improve coffee cafe culture in Italy.

The prototype machine that Luigi and Desiderio received was likely built by an angry Angelo. Although he couldn’t afford to sell his invention he was able to get credit for two intelligent Italians, who heavily promoted a Jules Verne-looking technology to make espresso coffee.

What is doppio espresso – Conclusion

Now you know what is doppio espresso all about. It is important to remember that you must make two shots, not the double shot advertised by espresso machines.

You can also make the same results if you have a hand-pump espresso maker.

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