What To Do With Unused Coffee Grounds: 10 Creative Ideas

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Are you a coffee lover who hates to see those leftover grounds go to waste and think about what to do with unused Coffee Grounds? If so, then we’ve got some good news for you: There are quite a few things that you can do with your used Coffee Grounds, and we’re here to share 10 of the best ideas with you.

From using them as a natural dye to making a homemade facial scrub, there’s sure to be an idea on this list that will suit your needs and answer what to do with unused Coffee Grounds.

What to Do With Unused Coffee Grounds (Our Extensive List)

What to do with unused coffee grounds

Blue Your Blooms

Adding Coffee Grounds to the soil can help reduce the pH level, resulting in brighter blue flowers for plants like hydrangeas.

Keep The Slugs Away

Slugs, snails, and other bugs, unlike worms, don’t like acidity in coffee. They won’t cross the ground if the ground is sprinkled with java

Make your Own Mushrooms

With just a few Coffee Grounds and mushroom spores, you can grow some of the most fun fungi. Find out how to do it here.

Increase your Carrot and Radish Harvest

Mixing Coffee Grounds and seeds before planting carrots or radishes can keep pests away and increase your harvest.

Bring on the Worms

Worms are beneficial for your garden as they help turn the soil and fertilize it with their body processes. Coffee Grounds are known to attract worms, so adding grounds to your garden can help increase their numbers.

Improve Your Compost Pile

Your compost bin will be enriched with nitrogen from Coffee Grounds. Simply add them to your compost bin and let them decompose.

Keep Cats Out

Are you fed up with your neighbor’s cats tearing through your flowers? Sprinkle some orange peel and coffee grounds where you don’t want them to go. Click To Tweet

Freshen Your Flower Vases

A coffee-soil mixture for your flower vase will not only look cool and prolong the life of your cut flowers but also acts as an air freshener.

Make Some Fun Play-Dough Dirt

It is edible, but not very tasty. It can be used to play with fake snakes or worms.

Make a Better Pin Cushion

If you fill your pin cushion with coffee grounds, your pins will not rust. It’s also a great way to enjoy a sachet full of pleasant smells every single time you use it.

Pro tip Dry them thoroughly by placing them on a cookie sheet, then placing them in the freezer for at least an hour.

Set up a Roach Trap

You can use your used coffee ground to make a roach cockroach trap.

Clean your dishes and pans

You can remove caked-on dirt by using a few Coffee Grounds on a rag. It is best to not use it on dishes that are easily stained, such as ceramic.

Clear Your Fireplace

Add some Coffee Grounds to the pile to clean up the ashes from your fireplace. It will get rid of that cloudy, dusty feeling.

Wash Your Hands After Chopping Garlic

After chopping garlic, onions, or other unpleasant smells, keep a small cup of Coffee Grounds close to or under your sink. The odor will be absorbed by the grounds.

Garbage-disposal cleaner

This recipe will make these little cleaners keep your garbage disposal clean and fresh.

Unclog Your Drain

You can unclog your kitchen and bathroom drain with Coffee Grounds, boiling water, and a little dish soap.

Remove Odors from Your Freezer and Fridge

To absorb the smells from your fridge, you can use used Coffee Grounds instead of baking soda.

Take the stress out of furniture

To cover scratches on many wood shades, oil and Coffee Grounds can be used for instant coffee.

Tenderize Your Meat

Coffee can be used as a spice in a meat rub to tenderize the meat and give it a smokey taste.

Create Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

This technique works well on fabric and paper.

Create an Air Freshener

Ideal for your car or house. You only need to have some Coffee Grounds and pantyhose.

Make your own Fossils

If you want to make your instant fossils, all you need is some Coffee Grounds and flour. This is a great way to make toy-dinosaur footprints. Here are the directions.

Paint an Image

Non-toxic paint made from Coffee Grounds and water (aka second round coffee).

Remove buildup from your hair

Coffee Grounds’ rough texture will strip hair of oils and buildup. You can either use them in the shower or add some to your shampoo or conditioner for a more messy approach.

Remove under-eye dark circles

Coffee wakes you up every morning. It can also tighten your skin and reduce puffiness.

Create a Deodorizing Soap

This masculine soap can be made from recycled hotel soaps and coffee. This is a great homemade gift idea that’s almost free for everyone on your shopping list.

Make a mocha frappuccino mask

This morning mask is a delicious way to wake up and exfoliate your skin.


You may have been wondering what to do with unused Coffee Grounds. With this article, you’ve found that are all kinds of uses for them, from cleaning to creating fun DIY projects.

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