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Keurig Mini VS Mini Plus: What's the difference?

In the diverse world of coffee machines, it’s no secret that Keurig is one of the most reputable brands that easily wins the single serve coffee maker popularity contest. Besides being ideal for home and office use, coffee makers from this brand make the perfect travel companions, allowing you to enjoy your cuppa Joe on the move.

Have you been entertaining the thought of investing in your first Keurig or upgrading your K-Mini to the new K-Mini plus? Can’t decide between the Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus? Then you’re probably wondering what the differences are and which device wins the Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus battle. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to learn more about which device—Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus— will guarantee the most delicious cup of coffee you’ve tasted in your life.

The Keurig Mini Plus

Here’s an overview of this coffee machine.


As an amazing version of the Keurig Mini, the Plus is impressively slim, with a width of 5 inches. Given its taller design compared to the Mini, you can now accommodate a 7-inch travel mug if you remove the drip tray.

It also offers all the standard brewing sizes of 12, 10, 8, and 6 ounces. If you’re looking for that extra kick in the morning to get you amped up for the day, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the Keurig Mini Plus allows you to brew strong coffee.

This handy device comes in black or red if you’re feeling funky. Furthermore, it has an automatic shutoff feature to save on power, making it eco-friendly. Another impressive feature of the Mini Plus is the built-in coffee pod storage unit to house up to nine Keurig pods and uses them automatically.

This saves you the hassle of fussing around in your drawers looking for your coffee pods.

Ease of Use

One of the biggest selling points of the Mini Plus is that it delivers more convenience than the Mini. Filling it is a breeze, with easily accessible pods housed in it. Its compact size makes it portable, allowing you to bring it with you to work and on your travels.

Furthermore, once you push the button, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in a few seconds.

Brew Quality

When comparing the Keurig Mini vs. Mini Plus, there’s a significant option available to increase brew strength. Although each Keurig machine delivers the same brew quality, the Mini Plus offers the option for stronger, richer brews.

This means the Plus delivers the same excellent flavor but with the option for an extra kick. If strong black coffee tickles your fancy, then the Mini Plus is right up your alley. Nonetheless, the strong brew feature is optional, allowing you to use it as you deem necessary.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The removable components of the Mini Plus make it easier to clean and maintain. The unit comes with a removable drip tray and a removable water reservoir to clean them separately then wipe down the rest of the machine with a damp cloth.

As seen with other Keurig units, there’s little maintenance after each brew. After all, there’s no spillage, filter, or coffee grounds to clean up. Once you dispose of the K-Cup, you can carry on with your day.


  • Automatic shut off to save power
  • Compact and portable
  • Offers the option to brew stronger coffee
  • Perfect for travel
  • Detachable components for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • No spillage after each brew


  • Not as fancy as other Keurig machines
  • Still requires refilling

The Keurig K-Mini

Here’s an overview of what this coffee maker has in store for you.


As the standard base model of the Keurig K-Mini coffee machine series, this unit is impressive. It can house a 7-inch travel mug, catering to those coffee lovers that need a coffee on the go. With an automatic shutoff feature, the K-Mini is eco-friendly as it saves power.

To cater to the pickiest home baristas, the unit comes in four popular colors, some of which can brighten anyone’s day. Additionally, you can brew regular single cup sizes between 6 and 12 ounces via any Keurig K-Cup pod.

What sets the Mini apart from the pack is its simplicity. It’s no surprise that a multitude of people across the globe gravitate towards this Keurig brewer because it’s impressively user-friendly. Once you load your preferred K-Cup pod, your coffee will be ready to drink with one touch of a button.

Ease of Use

The Mini is quite easy to use. Once you add water and press a button, mouth-watering coffee will flow into your travel mug or cup. The K-Cup options allow you to whip up hot chocolate and all types of coffee (even espresso) or tea.

There’s no need to make a lot of room on the kitchen counter for this compact design as you would with other bulkier units. True to its name, you can squeeze the 5-inch-wide Keurig Mini between the pepper and salt, making it practical and convenient for users.

Brew Quality

Given that the Keurig Mini uses the standard K-Cups, it delivers the same delicious coffee as larger models of the same brand. Additionally, the brew quality of hot chocolate and tea from this unit is nothing short of top-notch. For a refreshing, mouth-watering cold drink when the sweltering summers roll around, you can add ice to freshly hot-brewed coffee.

Nonetheless, when comparing the Keurig Mini vs. Mini Plus, it’s worth noting that the Mini lacks the strong brew option that the Plus offers. As a result, those who prefer stronger coffee may prefer the upgraded model.

Maintenance and Cleaning

While the Mini is a breeze to clean, it doesn’t have as many detachable components as the Plus. You’ll need to dig a damp cloth into the corners to wipe it after each brew. You can also run the recommended descaling solution through the machine every three to six months. Regardless, it’s easier to clean than other coffee makers.

When it comes to maintenance, there isn’t much to be done. The Keurig Mini comes with a place to neatly tuck away the cord during transportation, which is convenient. After coffee brewing, all you need to do is dispose of the K-Cup pod when you’re done.


  • Travel mug friendly
  • Slim design for portability
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to store
  • Comes in assorted colors
  • Effortless maintenance


  • Short cord and no strength control
  • Non-removable components

Aesthetics – Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus

Keurig K Mini VS Mini Plus

Both units are similar in appearance. The Mini and Mini Plus come in various colors such as Oasis Blue, Black, and Dusty Rose. Furthermore, they are both compact and eye-catching with a modern and sleek design. Nonetheless, one major aesthetic variation is that the Mini Plus has silver detailing on the drip tray and handle coupled with a matte finish.

Therefore, when it comes to aesthetics, the silver finish of the Mini Plus delivers a more elegant look and upgraded feel.

Size – Keurig Mini VS Mini Plus

When it comes to the sizing, there’s no difference between the two coffee makers. Initially, the K-Mini was larger than the Plus. However, both models now boast the same dimensions of 11.3 X 4.5 X 12.10 inches, evening out the playing field. With each unit being about 5 inches wide, storage in any room is effortless.

Keurig Mini VS Mini Plus: Which Is More Energy-Saving?

Both coffee makers are considered energy-saving, with each having an auto-off feature that is instantly activated 90 seconds after every brew. Being an automated process means no effort is required from you to make it happen.

Water Reservoir – Keurig Mini VS Mini Plus

It’s one of the biggest differences between both units. Granted, each coffee maker requires the water reservoir to be refilled with every cup of delicious brew. The Mini Plus has a removable water reservoir so in addition to the convenience of filling it with water, it also makes it easier to clean compared to the Keurig Mini.

Keurig Mini VS Mini Plus: K-Cups

Both coffee machines are compatible with the Universal Reusable Coffee Filter that is sold separately and K-Cup pods. Although they brew coffee that tastes the same, the Mini Plus can house up to nine K-Cups, making it more convenient. Stack them in the pod storage unit and you’re set for a while.

Furthermore, the strong brew option means you can enjoy a stronger cup of coffee.

The Verdict: Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus

At times, the features of coffee makers don’t outweigh the extra cost, however, the Keurig Mini Plus isn’t one of those units.

Although there’s something to be said about the simplicity of a machine that can be operated with the touch of a button, the strong brew option is certainly enough to warrant a slight increase in the cost of two pocket-friendly units.

If you revel in toting your Mini Plus from one place to another, then you’ll appreciate the pod storage unit.

If you don’t need the extra bells and whistles, then the Keurig Mini is the perfect option for you. With that being said, in this coffee maker showdown of the Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus, we think each Keurig coffee maker offers superior value, so it all boils down to your preferences and needs.

We hope this Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus comparison article helped you choose your next coffee machine. Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus: which side are you on? Share your voice in the comments below.

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