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How To Make Cold Foam Perfectly for Your Iced CoffeeWhen the sweltering summers roll around, iced coffee and cold brew coffee become staples. To remain refreshed throughout the day, a cold brew coffee rather than simply adding ice to a hot brew can be a real treat. Why settle for adding ice to a hot brew when you can also jazz it up with the addition of cold foam? It meshes well with several cold brew coffee and iced coffee variations alike. In this article, we will teach you how to make cold foam for your iced coffee.

Courtesy of its light and airy texture, cold foam is the perfect topping for iced coffee to give it the cool finish you’re craving. The foam is closely similar to whipped cream in consistency and texture, and the best part is, you can make it at home. Read on to learn how to make cold foam for your iced or cold brew coffee.

How To Make Cold Foam: What Is It?

As a product of low-fat milk, cold foam is stiff and textured. It gives off the best foam and adds unmatched smoothness to the milk. You can find the foam in a vast assortment of cold brew beverages including iced coffee drinks. When crafted to perfection, the foam has a velvety texture.

How To Make Cold Foam: The Best Milk To Use

If you’re looking to switch things up from the standard heavy cream topping and vanilla syrup in your iced latte, a cold milk foam should top your list of new coffee delicacies to try. Making it at home is a walk in the park with the proper ingredients.

It’s worth noting that the best milk to use when whipping up the foam is medium-fat milk, preferably 2%. It’s this type of milk that has the excellent ability to generate countless, long-lasting countless tiny bubbles that make cold foam incredible.

You may experiment with low fat or nonfat milk options if you wish. Skim milk or even non-dairy options like oat milk or almond milk are all great choices, but the result might be a thinner foam.

How to Make Cold Foam Using a Blender

It’s the most efficient way when making a large batch of cold foam. To get started, you’ll need:

  • 24ml (1 cup) of milk
  • A blender

You have free rein to pour more milk into the blender or less, depending on how much foam you need. Follow the steps below:

  1. Pour the cold milk into your blender cup.
  2. Connect the milk-filled cup to the blender.
  3. Gradually increase the speed of the blades until the machine is blending at full speed. Keep in mind, the greater the volume, the thicker your foam.
  4. Once the milk is smooth and fluffy, you can now use your foam as you wish.

How to Make Cold Foam Using a Handheld Mixer

As a great alternative to a blender, a handheld mixer or immersion blender is an excellent technique when making a smaller batch of cold foam. The process requires:

  • A mixer attachment or small bowl to store the milk
  • A handheld mixer
  • 12ml (½ cup) of milk

To whip up the foam:

  1. Empty the cold milk into a bowl.
  2. Place the handheld mixer in it and whisk away.
  3. As you do so, ensure the mixer is set at the lowest speed to avoid splashing the milk and making a mess on your kitchen counter.
  4. Gradually increase the speed as the milk foams.
  5. Once it’s fully foamed, remove the mixer from the foam and serve.

How to Make Cold Foam Using a Milk Frother

If you have a Nespresso attachment to your coffee maker or an independent milk frother such as the Instant Milk Frother, you’ll have cold foam in a jiffy. You’ll require the following to get started:

  • 12ml (½ cup) milk
  • A milk frother with the cold foam feature

Although an independent milk frother typically has the option to cold foam the milk, if your machine lacks this feature, we suggest using another milk foam technique. To begin:

  1. Empty the cold milk into the frother compartment.
  2. Typically, there’s a line in the milk frother that indicates the maximum quantity you can add. Surpassing the limit means the frothed milk will be of low quality so it’s always best to stay below the marked line.
  3. Long press the button for a few seconds to activate the cold foam setting.
  4. Allow the machine to get the job done after which you’ll have perfectly fluffy milk.

How to Make Cold Foam Using a French Press

The versatile French press doubles as a handheld milk frother. To make the foam using a French press, you’ll require:

  • 12ml (½ cup) of milk

It’s worth noting that the specified quantity of milk makes a great amount of cold foam to start with. It’s sufficient for two cups of iced or cold brew coffee. Therefore, if you intend to brew more than two cups of coffee, then you can up the quantity.

  1. Pour the cold milk into your French press beaker.
  2. Secure the plunger on top.
  3. Press the plunger down and then up. By doing so, you’ll begin noticing tiny air bubbles.
  4. Repeat step 3 until a thick frothy milk layer begins to form. It typically takes anywhere between 30 to 45 seconds, but that depends on the quantity of foam you plan to make.

How To Make Cold Foam Using A Jar

If you lack any of the equipment we’ve mentioned above, you can make cold foam using a re-sealable jar, such as a mason jar or an empty and clean jam jar. To get started, you’ll need:

  • 12ml (½ cup) of milk.
  • A clean, re-sealable jar

The best part about using this technique is that you can easily scoop out the foam from the jar without the hassle of transferring it from your blender to a cup. To make the foam:

  1. Pour the milk into a jar.
  2. Close the lid.
  3. Shake the jar vigorously for up to two minutes until foam starts forming.
  4. Once the milk is fully fluffed, you can enjoy your freshly made foam.


Iced coffee with cold milk foam

Isn’t it incredible what you can accomplish with an ingredient as basic as milk? Although it’s an excellent addition to any iced coffee, there’s no denying that this foamy goodness takes the cake.

Elevate your cold foam cold brew recipe by adding a special twist with ingredients like vanilla bean or caramel syrup, pumpkin spice or pumpkin puree, maple syrup, matcha, or salted cream. With our five techniques and helpful tips, you can now enjoy some whipped deliciousness on your iced or cold brew coffee from the comfort of your home.

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