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If you’re like me and love Starbucks but are trying to cut down on your caffeine intake, you may be wondering how much caffeine is in a pink drink. This article tells you everything you need to know about pink drinks including answers to other questions asked about this beverage.

So, how much caffeine is in a pink drink? Let’s find out!

What’s In The Pink Drink?

The Pink Drink from Starbucks is a refreshing and fruity beverage that gets its pink color from the strawberry acai base. The base is made of water, sugar, citric acid, natural flavors, white grape juice concentrate, natural green coffee flavor, fruit and vegetable juice, and rebaudioside A.

What Is A Pink Drink?

How much caffeine is in a Pink Drink

The delicious and fruity flavors of the strawberry acai refreshers combined with the coconut and topped with fresh berries make this the perfect light refreshment.

Does The Strawberry Pink Drink Have Caffeine?

Yes, the strawberry pink drink has a small caffeine content due to the green coffee extract. However, the drinks are also topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries that add to the delicious flavor.

Is Starbucks Pink Drink Caffeine-Free?

A 16-ounce pink frappuccino from Starbucks has about 45 mg of caffeine. The caffeinated beverage is colored with “green coffee bean extract”, which is made from raw unprocessed coffee beans.

The coffee is made by soaking raw, unroasted beans, then boiling them.

How Much Caffeine Is In A Pink Drink?

A grande pink drink from Starbucks has approximately 75 milligrams of caffeine. For reference, that is only about ⅓ of the amount of caffeine that you would find in a Starbucks espresso shot.

How To Make Starbucks Pink Drink

To make Starbucks’ popular Pink Drink, fill a 16-oz cup halfway with ice and set it aside. Then, rinse and slice some strawberries in half and set them aside. Next, using a large measuring cup, fill it with 16-oz of cold water and pour in one Instant refresher packet.

Mix to combine. Add one cup of Tazo-iced passion tea and mix well to combine. Pour the tea mixture into the cup until it’s halfway full, then add the sliced strawberries. Top it off with coconut milk and stir to combine.

If you are craving a bit more sweetness you can serve your Starbucks pink drink alongside an irresistible piece of  Texas sheet cake, or a rich and delicious triple chip caramel brownie. The Starbucks pink drink is a refreshing and unique take on iced tea.

The combination of sweet strawberries and coconut milk makes it the perfect summertime beverage. And if you’re looking for something extra sweet, serve it with a slice of Texas sheet cake or a triple chip caramel brownie. You won’t be disappointed!


Is Pink Drink healthy?

The Pink Drink by Starbucks is much healthier than most high-sugar beverages.

The ingredients in the pink drink help individuals live free of chronic conditions and improve their overall health. Refreshers are also great options for health-conscious people.

These refreshing drinks are an excellent alternative to coffee. They contain coconut water, which boosts their taste.

The refreshers are sweetened with 25% fruit juice, which also enhances their taste.

Can You Get A Pink Drink Without Caffeine?

how much caffeine is in a pink drink

Yes, you can make a Pink Drink without caffeine. To do so, simply omit the coffee part of the recipe. You can still enjoy the delicious flavor of the drink without the caffeine kick.

Many people believe that drinks must have caffeine in order to taste good. However, this is not the case. Green coffee is sweet and earthy, and the Starbucks Pink Drink offers great taste without the need for caffeine.

What’s The Healthiest Drink At Starbucks?

If you’re looking to avoid caffeine, try an unsweetened iced tea lemonade. If you’re looking for a healthy option, a grande iced skinny caramel macchiato is a good choice.


So there you have it! The Pink Drink from Starbucks is a delicious and refreshing choice. Now you know how much caffeine is in a pink drink, so next time you’re looking for a tasty beverage that won’t keep you up all night, make sure to try the Pink Drink!

You can also make a pink drink without caffeine by omitting the coffee part in the recipe.

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