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Is Cafe Bustelo instant coffee or espresso coffee? If you’re looking for a delicious and energizing way to start your day, look no further than Café Bustelo Instant Coffee!

This rich, flavorful coffee is perfect for any time of the day. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up in the morning or want something to enjoy while relaxing at night, Cafe Bustelo will always hit the spot.

Is Cafe Bustelo instant coffee or espresso coffee?

Is Cafe Bustelo instant coffee? Cafe Bustelo is not espresso coffee. Cafe Bustelo is instant coffee so you don’t need any fancy equipment.

To brew this brown gold, all you need is hot water. For best results, brew your Café Bustelo in a Moka pot to get the full flavor.

Why is Cafe Bustelo often mistaken for an espresso coffee?


is cafe bustelo instant coffee


It could be the name on the package or the unique strength of this coffee. Understandably, some people may misinterpret the “espresso” word on the label.

The strength of the coffee may also play a role in the mix-up. Anyone who has ever tried it will tell you that Cafe Bustelo has a very strong kick. First-time buyers must be aware of what they’re getting into.

If you are not accustomed to strong coffee, do yourself a favor and make your first cup of Cafe Bustelo in the morning or around lunchtime. Cafe Bustelo is not a good choice for after-dinner coffee as you could end up staying awake all night.


How to make a cup of Cafe Bustelo

Cafe Bustelo instant coffee is ready to drink. Just boil some water, pour the coffee into a mug, and let it sit for half a minute.

It’s amazing to know that you can make strong coffee in just seconds. It’s a joy for busy people.


How to brew a cup of Cafe Bustelo on a Moka pot

is cafe bustelo instant coffee


This particular coffee brand is best enjoyed in a Moka pot. These 9 simple steps will ensure a perfect cup of Cafe Bustelo coffee every time.

1. Boil fresh water and filter it. It doesn’t need to be boiled completely. To avoid scorching the coffee, use the water just before it reaches boiling point.

2. Cafe Bustelo is already ground so you can leave the grinders in the cupboard. You can simply open the can and enjoy the tantalizing aroma.

3. Add the hot water to the Moka pot and fill it to the safety valve or marked line.

4. Measure and scoop enough coffee into the filter to cover it completely. Don’t be afraid to pour more coffee into the filter. It should not be less than half full. Use a spoon or your finger to level the coffee.

5. Place the filter on the bottom.

6. Secure the top of the Moka pot onto the bottom.

7. Place the Moka pot on the stovetop. Turn the burner to medium-high. Leave the lid open.

8. When the coffee begins to gurgle, cover the pot and take it off the stove. The pot is empty if it gurgles.

9. For 10 seconds, run the Moka pot in cold tap water. You are now ready to enjoy your cup of Cafe Bustelo coffee.


Cafe Bustelo FAQ

Where is Cafe Bustelo coffee made of?

Cafe Bustelo is Cuban coffee made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. It is a strong instant coffee that can be mistaken for espresso due to its full name: Dark Roast Cafe Bustelo Espresso coffee.

Does Cafe Bustelo sell other coffee products?

Cafe Bustelo sells instant coffee in plastic, brick, and tin can packaging. As more people use coffee pod machines, the company also developed new K-Cups and espresso capsules to match the demand. Cafe Bustelo also entered the summer drink market by introducing iced espresso canned coffee.

Can I buy Cafe Bustelo coffee in cafes?

The company does not sell coffee beans, only prepackaged ground coffee, so you cannot order it from a coffee shop or street cart. You can buy Cafe Bustelo coffee from major food retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, or the Cafe Bustelo online store.



Is Cafe Bustelo instant coffee?

Cafe Bustelo specialty instant coffee is great for anyone who loves rich, black coffee. It’s also ideal for those who have outgrown their regular coffee routine and are ready for a change in their caffeine tolerance. Click To Tweet

Although you might get used to the speed of the coffee, Cafe Bustelo is not a beginner’s cup. Cafe Bustelo is stronger than any sweet, fruity coffee we can get at coffee shops. It packs a punch that is stronger than any other instant coffee, but it is worth a try.

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