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Best Wolf Coffee Maker

Are you tired or bored using your entry-level coffee makers? Switching to a high-end coffee maker could be costly but ultimately satisfying.

If you haven’t heard of Wolf coffee makers yet, you’re in luck, because I have reviewed some of the best Wolf products on the market so that you can feel confident in your luxury purchase.

I’ll also go over a helpful buyer’s guide that will ensure you choose the best Wolf coffee maker for your household. The guide will help you weigh different factors to consider when buying coffee maker systems!

Let’s get started with these luxurious coffee brewing systems, and if you’re looking for additional luxury, check out the best Jura brand coffee machines as well!

Best Wolf Coffee Makers

Wolf Gourmet Programmable Coffee Maker System

Wolf Gourmet Programmable Coffee Maker System with 10 Cup Thermal Carafe

Key Features

  • 10-cup capacity drip coffee maker
  • Thermal carafe made of double-walled stainless steel
  • Removable water reservoir capacity of 50 oz
  • Drawer-type filter basket
  • Water filter
  • Programmable
  • AccuBrew Technology
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Brew Strength adjustment
  • Integrated scale for coffee
  • Dimensions: 9.06 x 14.37 x 10.82 inches
  • Weight: 13.56 lbs

The Wolf Gourmet drip coffee maker has a stainless steel finish, ensuring durability and quality. The elegant aesthetics make it a head-turner to any guests visiting your kitchen.

It has a unique Accu-Brew mode feature that ensures you get the best-tasting drip coffee out of any drip machine. The Accu-Brew automatically weighs the coffee grounds with its integrated scale to provide an accurate coffee-to-water ratio.

If you prefer your own personal blend, you can simply switch to manual mode. Now you can customize your drip coffee strength from mild to bold brew. No weak Keurig coffee here!

The stainless steel carafe has a reasonably large capacity, which is ideal for a whole family of coffee lovers. While it isn’t a traditional glass carafe, this thermal carafe has a double-wall design that maintains the coffee’s temperature and freshness.

The removable water reservoir has an easy side-access design for quick and convenient refilling. It also has a relatively large capacity to minimize frequent refills.

The brew basket design is also impressive. Instead of the inconvenient swivel or top opening brew basket, this innovative coffee machine has a smooth-glide drawer design.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Programmability
  • Easy access brew basket and water reservoir for convenient refilling
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Built-in digital scale ensures a proper coffee-to-water ratio
  • Quickly brews a whole pot in under seven minutes
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Doesn’t come with a permanent/reusable coffee filter basket

Final Verdict

For a highly-priced, full-of-features coffee machine, this Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker has solid value.

Please don’t make the mistake of getting an expensive coffee maker and neglecting your coffee grinder. While some of these Wolf machines have built-in grinders, there are plenty of quality options on the market so that you don’t have to buy pre ground coffee.

If you don’t have a perfectly matched grinder for your Wolf coffee maker, then read our Best Burr Coffee Grinders article for inspiration!

Wolf Built-In EC24/B 24″ Coffee System

EC24/B Wolf Built-in Coffee Systems | Stalwart Appliances

Key Features

  • Removable water tank with 60.9 fluid ounces
  • Bean container with 226.8 g capacity
  • Coffee spout with adjustable height
  • LED screen
  • Removable drip tray
  • Milk container
  • Hot water spout
  • Makes a variety of professional coffee drinks
  • Accommodates pre ground coffee
  • Milk froth regulator for Latte, Macchiato, and Cappuccino
  • Built-in grinder with a grind adjustment
  • Descale function
  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 17.78 x 18 inches

The Wolf Built-in Coffee System Black Glass model has an elegant touch, and is designed to be built into any kitchen. It has preset buttons that allow you to make an ounce of espresso with just a touch.

It has a large capacity water tank that holds about 1.8 liters of water. While this machine is primarily an espresso machine, you can even do many other specialty coffee drinks as well, and simply dispense hot water.

The removable water tank also adds convenience so that you can install the coffee system anywhere in the kitchen. It means you don’t need a plumbing installation to use this built-in coffee brewer.

The milk frother ensures that you get the proper milk volume for different coffee drinks. You can adjust to make a perfect cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and caffe latte.

The Wolf built-in coffee system is also equipped with a burr grinder that has 13 settings from fine to coarse. This machine is ready to be your espresso maker and more!

And if you want a breakfast blend but the bean container is full of espresso roasts, you can simply fill in pre-ground coffee to brew a perfect cup for any coffee drinker.


  • Elegant aesthetics
  • Saves kitchen counter space
  • Doesn’t need plumbing installation
  • Large capacity water reservoir
  • Easily accessible water tank for quick refilling
  • Automatic milk frothing settings
  • Makes perfect cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and caffe latte
  • The height-adjustable coffee spout prevents splashing
  • Easy to clean and operate


  • The milk container gets in the way of the removable water tank

Final Verdict

For its excellent elegant design and functionality, the Wolf EC24/B system is one of the best built-in coffee systems for your daily coffee pleasure.

Wolf 24″ Cup Warming Drawer Black Glass

24" Cup Warming Drawer - Black | CW24/B | Wolf Appliances

Key Features

  • Hidden control panel
  • Full extension drawer glide
  • Detachable drawer liner
  • Black glass drawer front
  • Temperature setting between 85F (30C) and 175F (80C)
  • Automatic shutoff and Sabbath mode
  • 40 cups capacity
  • Overall Dimensions: 23.5 x 5.5 x 21 inches
  • Interior Dimensions: 17 x 4 x 20 inches

The Wolf Warming Drawer is elegantly designed with black glass, though there is another option for stainless steel design, just like their coffee systems. They are made to match and be installed together!

The electronic control panel is hidden inside the drawer. It features different options such as temperature, timer, delay setting, and Sabbath mode.

The drawer has an area of 8 cubic feet that is large enough to accommodate 40 teacups and 80 espresso cups. The cup warmer is not just suitable for warming cups but other dishes too.

The drawer slides smoothly and locks into place when closed. When opening, you just have to push it gently and pull. It also has a removable non-slip mat for quick and easy cleaning.

While it isn’t a coffee maker, this drawer accessory is what completes your Wolf coffee maker system! It’s known as the Wolf series vertical when paired together, and it truly completes any home coffee experience.


  • The drawer is spacious enough to accommodate different cups and dishes
  • It gently and efficiently warms several cups and dishes at a time
  • It has an elegant design
  • The control panel allows you different timing and temperature setups
  • The hidden control panel makes it safe for young children
  • The drawer glide is smooth and fully extendable
  • It’s the perfect complement for a Wolf Built-in Coffee System


  • Not necessary for a great cup of coffee

Final Verdict

Despite its high price, the Wolf Cup Warming Drawer is still an excellent complement to your Wolf coffee system. And if you’re a certified coffee snob, this cup warmer will ensure your brews stay warm right out of the machine!

Best Machine for the Average Coffee Maker: Wolf Gourmet

Best for the Kitchen Professional: Wolf Built-In System

  • Can be installed directly into your kitchen
  • Multiple programs for every coffee drink
  • Check it out here

Best for the True Baristas Out There: Wolf Cup Warming Drawer

  • Fits an insane amount of espresso cups
  • Totally sleek and customizable
  • Check it out here

Buyers Guide for Wolf Coffee Makers

While it’s easy to look into some key features and specifications of coffee makers, most people fail to recognize the essential factors to consider when purchasing one. A Wolf coffee maker is a big purchase, so let’s look at some things you should consider.

What Kind of Coffee does Your Household Prefer?

Are you a drip coffee lover? Is there anyone in the household who loves variety in coffee drinks, such as cold brew or other iced coffee options?

Considering these questions, you might think first if you need an automatic drip coffee maker or a complete coffee system. These are the two systems that Wolf offers, and one has a lot more features than the other!

The drip machine has everything you need for drip coffee besides a reusable filter basket. And the series vertical system from Wolf may be far too much for the average coffee drinker. 

If your household in general only enjoys drip coffee, then you might be content with an automatic drip brewer. But, if you want variations in coffee drinks, then you might want to consider a Wolf built-in coffee system.

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How Frequently do You Drink Coffee?

If you want total convenience and your household is full of highly-demanding coffee aficionados, then a built-in coffee system would be most favorable. Why?

Because setting up an automatic drip coffee maker would be more tedious than having a fully automated and fully-integrated Wolf built-in coffee system.

Moreover, built-in coffee systems have a higher capacity water reservoir, which is ideal for large families, or frequent coffee drinkers. Plus you can make a variety of coffee drinks using Wolf’s integrated system.

What Convenient Features are You Looking for?

When it comes to convenience, a built-in coffee maker has more features to offer than a high-end drip coffee maker. So, the challenge is to decide which built-in coffee maker best suits your preferences.

Different models have different features for convenience. If you hate frequent refillings of coffee beans and water, try to search for the largest capacity you can buy.

A height-adjustable coffee spout would be more convenient if it has a cup sensor. An integrated grinder with more grind settings will create more coffee drink variations. While Wolf doesn’t exactly have a cold brew coffee maker, you can still make hot brewed coffee!

A model with the most coffee drink presets will be favorable if convenience is your top priority. There are many factors for comfort, and what’s best will always depend on your personal preference.

There’s no doubting that some great options are available from Cuisinart and OXO Brew, and these options should be a bit easier on your budget too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wolf coffee machines good?

Simple answer? Yes. Wolf coffee machines are built with world-class and high-quality designs. However, they are very much about aesthetics.

If you’re looking for a cold brew coffee maker or simpler hot coffee options, then another brand might be a better choice for you.

Is Wolf better than Miele?

Both Wolf and Miele have world-class coffee systems to offer. When it comes to which is a better brand, it will still depend on the model and the features that will fit your demands.

Which built in coffee maker is the best?

The best coffee maker could be any model or any brand. At the end of the day, the best coffee maker is the one that suits your own individual needs, and of course the one that makes a perfect cup.

Happy Brewing!

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