10 Best Vegan Coffee Creamers In 2021: Reviews & Buyers Guide

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How can Lifeboost coffee help you?

LifeBoost is probably the purest and most stomach-friendly coffee out there.

Just to name a few characteristics:


Did someone say delicious coffee?

That must be sugar! Loaded with sugar and milk, right? Well, not really!

No doubt that coffee with creamer is far superior in taste (for many) than coffee with sugar.

But it’s something that even fewer people are aware of. And health-wise many creamers have replaced sugar with better alternatives if they have it at all.

Best Vegan Coffee Creamer
Pouring dairy-free cream into a cup of coffee

So we went one step further and looked at some of the best vegan coffee creamers you can find in 2020.

Yes, dairy-free and little to no added sugar (in our list we will let you know if there is added sugar, natural sugar, or no sugars at all, Deal?)

So they are dairy-free, but can they be as good as ordinary creamers?

Vegan coffee creamers are delicious and have the texture and richness of dairy creamers.

Vegan creamers are usually made from plant-based ingredients like soy, soy milk, almond, coconut, and other plant-based flavorings.

Ready for the best creamers list? Great, but what makes particular creamer to be the best? Read on:


What makes a good vegan coffee creamer?

  • Flavorimportant. The flavor should be versatile to any kind of coffee, and a brand must offer different flavors to choose from.
  • Textureimportant. The texture should be able to fulfill its role, which is to make your coffee light and creamy. Be aware that some products come out watery.
  • Pricedepends. Why spend more if the same qualities can be found for less? Expensive does not always mean better and budget usually dictates what product to buy.
  • Other user experiencepartially important. While most important is your taste and preference, but user reviews or comments on particular coffee creamer can quickly identify ones that are not worth looking at. Ideally, this should be the first step, and then combining with the previous 3 you will identify the best one for you.

Ok, let’s kick off with a quick overview of our selection.


Goodmylk Co. – Almond Milk Concentrate

Best Vegan Coffee Creamer - Good Milk Pure Almond

Main Ingredients
Almonds, Water, Salt

Original or Unsweetened

Goodmylk Co is an industry newcomer that offers innovative and versatile plant-based milk. One of their popular products is their almond milk concentrate. Their homemade recipe is made by using organic almonds, alkaline water, and mineral salt. It is entirely vegan, natural, and without alternatives or preservatives added.

Because it is a concentrate, when you mix it with hot coffee (don’t pre-mix with water), it will instantly make your coffee velvety.

Coconut Cloud: Shelf Stable Vegan Coffee Creamer

Coconut Cloud Vegan Coffee Creamer

Main Ingredients
Coconut Cream Powder, Rice Starch, MCT Oil Powder

Original, Salted Caramel, Salted Caramel + Cocoa, Vanilla

Coconut Cloud offers a variety of coffee-related products from milk creamers to instant latte mix. Their bestseller is Original Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer. Aside from having an extra distinct flavor and making it creamy, this Vegan creamer also adds a boost of nutrition to your cup of coffee.

Coconut Cloud’s Original Coconut Milk Coffee has zero trans-fat, is 100% dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan friendly, and has no added chemicals or preservatives.


Califia Farms Vanilla Almondmilk Coffee Creamer with Coconut Cream

Vanilla Almond milk Coffee Creamer

Main Ingredients
Almond Milk, Coconut Cream, Cane Sugar

Vanilla, Hazelnut, Pecan Caramel, Unsweetened

Califia Farms is a plant-based company offering different products that will surely enhance your coffee experience. Although all the Califia Farms’ products are commendable, we recommend you to try their Vanilla Almond Milk Coffee Creamer with Coconut Cream.

The product’s consistency is thick enough to make your coffee extremely creamy even with just a small amount. Plus, it is a healthier alternative because aside from being plant-based, it does not have hydrogenated oils.


Laird Superfood Non Dairy Coffee Creamer Unsweetened – Powder Coconut CreamerLaird Superfood Non Dairy Coffee Creamer Unsweetened - Powder Coconut Creamer

Main Ingredients
Coconut Milk Powder, Aquamin, Organic Extra VCO

Original, Cocoa, Turmeric, Chocolate Mint, Unsweetened

One of the highly-rated vegan creamer’s available is Laird Superfood’s Unsweetened Superfood Creamer. It is a vegan and keto-friendly creamer made from natural ingredients. The good thing about this Vegan creamer is that it does not have unhealthy fats and artificial sweeteners.

You can also try the Califia’s Better Half Original creamer, it will surely turn a new twist into your morning cup of Joe. The Better Half original is made from intensely rich almond and coconut blend, just 100% pure Vegan creamer.


Dr. Approved MCT Oil Keto-Friendly from Coconut Oil

Dr. Approved MCT Oil Keto-Friendly from Coconut Oil

Main Ingredients
MCT Oil, Coconut Oil


Physician’s Choice MCT Oil is highly recommendable to people who are looking for a healthier and lighter alternative to their usual coffee creamers. Its main ingredient is the good fat called medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) which can usually be found in coconut oil.

This product is great to add in your cup of coffee to boost your energy and cognitive functions. It does not only taste good but it will also make you more productive.


Coffee Ammo – Hemp Oil Coffee Creamer

Coffee Ammo - Hemp Oil Coffee Creamer

Main Ingredients
MCT Oil, Hemp Oil, Turmeric, Coconut Oil


Coffee Ammo’s Hemp Oil Creamer is an on-the-go packet packed with nutritious ingredients like MCT oil, hemp oil, turmeric, and coconut oil. It is high in natural fat, vegan and keto-friendly, low carb, and naturally sweetened.

This creamer will surely boost your energy while making your coffee more delicious and flavorful.


Ripple – Plant-Based Dairy Free Milk Barista Style Coffee Creamer

Ripple - Plant-Based Dairy Free Milk Barista Style Coffee Creamer

Main Ingredients
Pea Protein, Sunflower Oil, Dipotassium Phosphate


Ripple is a company promoting dairy-free and healthy products. One of their bestsellers is their Plant-Based Milk Barista Style. This is a 100% vegan milk boosted with pea protein and sunflower oil.

Lactose intolerant coffee lovers are sure to enjoy this creamer as it is free of dairy. It also does not contain any nut ingredient, perfect for those that are allergic to nuts.


NOD CREAMER Oat-Based Creamer

NOD CREAMER Oat-Based Creamer

Main Ingredients
Oats, Tapioca Solids

Unsweetened, Vanilla

Oat-based coffee creamers are the usual choices for vegan coffee lovers. So, we recommend you to try Nod Food’s Oat-Based Creamer, especially the unsweetened variety.

The best thing about this creamer is that it adds its unique flavor without overpowering the taste of your coffee. It is an all-natural dairy and gluten-free alternative to traditional creamers.


Oatly Oat Milk Barista Edition

Oatly Oat Milk Barista Edition

Main Ingredients
Oats, Dipotassium Phosphate


Oatly is a company focusing on oat-based products. They have developed a formulation of oat milk that is best used and enjoyed by coffee lovers. This is their Oat Milk Barista Edition. One of the key ingredients that make it unique from other vegan coffee creamers is dipotassium phosphate.

This ingredient prevents the milk from curdling when mixed with piping hot beverages like coffee. Meaning, with this creamer, you can enjoy a velvety smooth coffee experience.


Silk Soy Creamer, Vanilla

Silk Soy Creamer, Vanilla

Main Ingredients
Non-GMO Soy Milk (filtered water and whole soybeans), Cane Sugar, Palm Oil, Soy Lecithin, Tapioca Starch


Last but not least from our list is the Silk Soy Creamer in Vanilla flavor. This soy creamer is made from non-GMO soy milk as one of its main ingredients. What vegans like about this dairy-free creamer is its consistency, which is creamy like the dairy ones.

Most people avoid soy milk due to some health information stating that drinking too much soy is dangerous to health. This information is based on the fact that soy is one of the most genetically modified foods along with corn and as we all know it, GMOs have been associated with diseases like cancer.



Most of the coffee creamers listed above are made from coconut oil, oats, or almonds. Each creamer has different consistencies that vary from powder to full thick cream. They also have their unique supplements like collagen and MCT oil. This means that when you buy these vegan creamers, you will have more added nutrients in your diet leading you to have more energy and be more productive.


Barbearista favorite:

With flavor, texture, and price in mind, we have chosen our favorite among the best coffee creamers in 2020.  And that is…

Nod Food’s Oat Based Creamer. and mainly because it does not overpower the taste of the coffee, we still want to drink coffee, right?

Since you can still enjoy the aroma and natural notes in your cup of Joe it was a clear winner for us.

Coming second is Coffee Ammo’s Hemp Oil Creamer. For just one added packet, your coffee will be boosted with a load of nutrients. This makes your cup of coffee even more suited to fuel your day.

We also noticed the use of promising ingredients such as MCT oil in most of these coffee creamers. This is great because MCT is a rising health byproduct that is expected to help people with fat metabolism problems and inflammation.

MCT is also beneficial for the elderly, whereas it serves as a natural source of energy for their mind and brain. Remember, our favorites are only based on our preferences.

You can always choose whichever coffee creamer seems to fit your liking and needs.

Do you remember 4 points on how to select the best creamer for you?

Yes, you are right: Flavor, Texture, Price, User experience, and Magic ingredient

But wait, there are 5 now!

Well, you might be after the magic ingredient that is a dealbreaker for you, so this must be included, be it a Hemp Oil, or MCT Oil, if it’s not there then skip the product.

We hope that our list has helped you find more options to upgrade your coffee experience. It is also nice to see more and more vegan-friendly products to appear everyday. Just keep an eye open for new innovative products and don’t be afraid to experiment even if you are not vegan.

The key is to open more options for a better and sustainable future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the healthiest non-dairy coffee creamer?

The healthiest nondairy creamer would be any product with MCT. We got three healthiest options from our list, and they are Coconut Cloud, The Coffee Ammo, and Physician’s Choice MCT Oil.

However, the Physician’s Choice is flavorless so if you’re looking for something that has nice creamy flavor, we recommend Coconut Cloud or The Coffee Ammo. Besides, you’re putting cream you want to taste something different.


What do vegans use for creamer?

Vegans avoid any animal byproducts, so they use a non-dairy creamer for their daily cup of coffee routine.


Is Coffee Mate creamer vegan?

For a long time, Coffee Mate is though to be vegan because it is non-dairy creamer. But it’s not as their products have milk-derived proteins. But in 2017, the company launched its first line of vegan creamers using almonds and coconut as main ingredients.

The brand’s vegan creamers were introduced in four flavors namely, Vanilla Almond Milk, Caramel Almond Milk, Hazelnut Almond Milk, and Sweet Crème Coconut Milk. Unfortunately, your favorite French Vanilla flavor is not on the list so you’ll probably miss it for now.


Which coffee creamer is the healthiest?

Although it lacks in flavor, The Physician’s Choice would be our pick for the healthiest cup of Joe vegan cream. We, at Barbearista also believe that this product is not only the healthiest but the most versatile as well.

The product can be used in a variety of ways aside from making your daily cup of Joe creamy. MCT oil can be used as a salad oil dressing, in cooking and blended into delicious shakes.


We at Barbearista are looking forward to a healthier and better coffee experience with you.

Your trustworthy friend,



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  1. Just a quick observation – there are some vegetarian collagen powders that exist, but the one listed shows bovine collagen, which is from cow bones – so it is dairy free but it is not vegan.

  2. I like your list, however, there is one issue – dairy-free does not mean vegan.

    As far as I know there is no collagen that is vegan. The brand above (vital protein) uses cow hides for their collagen.


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