7 Best Large Coffee Mugs In 2021: Reviews & Buyers Guide

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Best Large Coffee MugsCan’t get enough coffee with your usual mug? Why don’t you get a large coffee mug and never ask for a refill ever again?

So, how big is a large coffee mug should be? In general, a 16 oz capacity mug would be considered a large cup.

However, if 16 fl oz isn’t enough, you can always get a bigger one. And if you’re looking to replace your old smaller capacity mug, we’re glad to help.

Here we have a list of the best large coffee mugs you can use for your daily caffeine boosts. Moreover, we have buyers guide in the latter part of this article, so you can easily decide which coffee mug suits your coffee requirements.

So, why don’t you scroll down and let us help you find your best large coffee cup?

7 Best Large Coffee Mugs

Swisse Porcelain Mug 16 oz

Swisse Porcelain Mug 16 oz

Key Features

  • 16 oz capacity
  • Made of porcelain
  • Pro-grade porcelain
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • For coffee, tea, and cocoa
  • Available in six colors

The Sweese porcelain coffee mug may look plain, but it’s elegant as well. It can hold 16 oz of coffee, but it can also be used tea, cocoa, and other hot or cold beverages.

This Sweese coffee mug is made of pro-grade porcelain, so it’s dishwasher safe, microwave oven-safe, and can be used in a freezer. It is also available in seven colors that will match your mood or personality.


  • Safe to use in dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer
  • Simple yet elegant
  • Can be used in various purposes
  • Just the right weight
  • Sturdy


  • It holds the full 16 fl oz of liquid up to its rim without any allowances.


Final Verdict

Simple yet elegant, this thick porcelain mug would be great for any hot or cold beverages, though you can’t pour in a full 16 fl oz coffee or the coffee will spill.

Contigo Snapseal Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug 20 oz

Contigo Snapseal Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug 20 oz

Key Features

  • Can hold 20 fl oz of coffee
  • Keeps coffee hot for 7 hours
  • Keep cold beverages cold for 18 hours
  • Available in 14 variants
  • Vacuum insulation
  • Stainless steel body

The Contigo Byron Stainless Steel travel mug holds 20 fl oz of liquid. It’s vacuum-insulated and can keep hot coffee for seven hours, while it keeps cold beverages icy cool for 18 hours.

The leak-proof lid makes it an ideal travel mug. It’s also easy to use with its one-handed drinking feature.

It’s slim enough to fit most car cup holders, and its easy grip makes it easy to grab and hold. Best of all, it has limited lifetime warranty on defective products.


  • Backed with limited lifetime warranty
  • Well-insulated
  • Leak-proof
  • BPA-free
  • Perfect travel mug
  • Larger capacity coffee mug


  • Rubber seal doesn’t last that long, but they’re replaceable.


Final Verdict

The Contigo Byron Stainless steel coffee mug is an excellent travel companion. It is well-insulated and holds temperature well, whether it’s hot or cold.

Elixir Large Coffee Mug, Double Wall Glass 16 oz

Elixir Large Coffee Mug, Double Wall Glass 16 oz

Key Features

  • Large 16 fl oz mug size
  • Double-wall insulation
  • Large handle opening
  • Microwave-safe

The Elixir large coffee mug is made of crystal-clear glass that allows you to appreciate the color and foam of your coffee. Its double-wall insulation is good at keeping your coffee hot.

Additionally, the double-wall design keeps the outer part of the glass cool to the touch to protect your hand from scalding. The handle has a reasonably large opening making it easy to grab and hold while you enjoy sipping hot coffee.

The borosilicate glass is sturdy enough to withstand hard bumps. Moreover, you can directly heat beverages with a microwave.


  • Sturdy borosilicate glass construction
  • Retains heat like ceramic
  • Elegant crystal-clear design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hold


  • Too expensive for a mug


Final Verdict

The Elixir large glass coffee mug could be an excellent alternative for a ceramic mug for insulation. If budget is not an issue, this elegant mug would be perfect for your morning cups of Joe.

Clay in Motion Large Mug, 20 oz, Mudslide Design

Clay in Motion Large Mug, 20 oz, Mudslide Design

Key Features

  • 20 to 24 fl oz capacity coffee mug
  • Ceramic
  • Made in the USA
  • Lead-free
  • Dishwasher, microwave, oven-safe
  • Mudslide design

The Clay in Motion Mudslide coffee mug is proudly made in the US and is crafted by master artisan potters. This coffee mug is large enough to hold 20 to 24 fl oz of hot or cold beverages.

This large coffee mug provides you more room for milk, cream, and other toppings for your freshly brewed piping hot coffee. Its size large enough to minimize the chances of refills.

It’s convenient to clean as it is dishwasher safe. It’s also microwave and oven-safe, so you can directly heat water in it for your coffee brew.


  • Heavy duty ceramig mug
  • It has a larger capacity
  • Easy to handle
  • Masterfully handcrafted
  • Each mug is hand signed
  • Beautiful mudslide design


  • Expensive


Final Verdict

If a 16 oz coffee mug is too small for you, this Clay in Motion ceramic mug would be an excellent alternative. It holds not 20 but 24 fl oz of delicious coffee.

Elemental Tumbler 18/8 Stainless Steel Triple Wall Copper Insulation, 16 oz Teak Wood

Elemental Tumbler 18/8 Stainless Steel Triple Wall Copper Insulation, 16 oz Teak Wood

Key Features

  • 16 fl oz capacity coffee tumbler
  • 18/8 Stainless steel construction
  • Powder-coated teak wood design
  • Textured band
  • Silicone bottom
  • Ceramic lid

The Elemental Tumbler has a 16 fl oz capacity and is made of premium 18/8 stainless steel. This coffee tumbler is triple-insulated with copper lining and ceramic lid for better insulation.

It can hold a hot temperature for about 6 hours, and 18 hours for cold beverages. The ceramic lid is specially designed to give you a feel like you’re drinking from a ceramic mug.

This product is spill-resistant but it’s not leak-proof and can’t be put inside a bag. Therefore, it is excellent for light travel or can be placed in car cup holders.

The textured band gives you better grip, while the silicon base prevents it from slipping on flat surfaces.


  • Stylish design
  • Built with quality
  • Unique ceramic lid design gives you a mug like feel
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Excellent for light travels


  • Expensive
  • Handwash only


Final Verdict

The Elemental Tumbler is difficult to resist with its sleek design and excellent functionality. If the price is not an issue, this large coffee tumbler would perfectly serve you during light travels.

Arc International Luminarc Bolero Mug, 16 oz Clear

Arc International Luminarc Bolero Mug, 16 oz Clear

Key Features

  • 16 fl oz coffee mug
  • Clear glass
  • 100% hypoallergenic glass
  • Flared foot
  • Made in the USA
  • Dishwasher safe

The Arc has been a pioneer in the glass-making industry. It has over 200 years of experience, and it guarantees every product it creates.

The Arc Bolero coffee mug has an elegant clear glass design. The flared footing and large handle opening make the coffee mug easy to handle.

The clear glass allows you to admire the color of your drinks. Moreover, you can easily see if your guests need a refill.


  • Elegant design
  • Ergonomic handle and flared footing for easy handling
  • Easy clean up using a dishwasher
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy


  • Might be heavy for some users


Final Verdict

Whether you’re craving for coffee, tea, or choco, the Bolero coffee mug would be perfect for your daily drinking rituals.

Bosmarlin Glossy Ceramic Coffee Mug, 18 oz

Bosmarlin Glossy Ceramic Coffee Mug, 18 oz

Key Features

  • 18 fl oz coffee mug
  • Strong ceramic construction
  • Microwave-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Available in 10 color options

This Bosmarlin coffee mug has a larger capacity than your usual mug. It has 18 fl oz capacity, which will give you more than enough coffee to drink in a single pour.

The robust ceramic construction makes it a durable mug. It’s excellent to use for hot or cold beverages.

It’s microwave safe, so you can heat your coffee or any other beverages directly in it. Cleaning is a breeze as you can put it inside a dishwasher.


  • Larger than the usual coffee mug
  • Durable as it’s made of high-quality ceramic
  • Classis design
  • Easy to hold
  • Multiple color options
  • Excellent for home and office use


  • Color is not as bright as in the picture


Final Verdict

This 18 fl oz Bosmarlin coffee mug is an excellent product for the heavy coffee drinkers.

Buyers Guide for Large Coffee Mugs

Intended Use

For an apparent reason, a large coffee mug will be used for drinking coffee and other beverages, hot or cold. But how do you intend to use it?

Is it for home or office use or travel?

Depending on the intended use, the type of material shall be considered. Glass and porcelain are great for home or office use.

Although you can bring glass and porcelain along for travel, they are not advisable as they may break along the way. Additionally, they are not well-suited for camping or the outdoors, for the same reason that they are prone to breakage.

On the other hand, a coffee mug made from stainless steel or hard plastic is excellent for the outdoors. You can carry such a coffee mug without worrying about breaking it.

Moreover, coffee mugs made from stainless steel or hard plastic are often designed with lids to prevent spilling and to maintain temperature. These features make these types of coffee mugs perfect for traveling.

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Type of Material

We have mentioned the types of material used in making coffee mugs. Now, let’s take a closer look at how these materials affect the way you drink coffee.


A glass mug allows you to appreciate more the color of your coffee. However, it is not that good in retaining the heat from your coffee.

Therefore, it allows coffee to cool quickly, which prevents you from enjoying a piping hot coffee with slow sipping. On the other hand, this quick cooling may have some advantages as well.

Because as the coffee cools down fast, you can enjoy the subtle flavors quickly as well.


Ceramic is the oldest material used when it comes to coffee mugs. Moreover, ceramic has been widely used thousands of years ago.

A ceramic mug retains heat better than glass. This statement is especially true when you preheat a ceramic coffee mug, which is what baristas and experienced coffee enthusiasts do before pouring in hot coffee to their mug or cup.

Most coffee lovers choose to drink their hot coffee using a ceramic mug.


As mentioned earlier, plastic coffee mugs are great for travel and the outdoors. It doesn’t break, and it’s light to carry.

However, it doesn’t retain heat well and may give off some displeasing odor and taste when holding hot beverages. Plastics are also not very much welcomed by environmentalists as they are the major contributor to Earth’s pollution.


The usual metal used in making coffee mugs is the stainless steel. Typically, stainless steel mugs are double-walled and vacuum insulated, which make them excellent in heat-retention.

Unlike plastic, metal doesn’t give off unpleasant smell and taste. Moreover, metal coffee mugs are better travel mugs than plastic ones.



Large coffee mugs are considered to have a size of 16 fl oz and above. Depending on how much coffee you want in one sitting, you can have several size options.

A 16 fl oz coffee mug contains about 473 ml of liquid, which is often enough for one or two persons. So, if you think 16 fl oz isn’t enough, you can always opt for a larger one.

For a larger mug, we would recommend insulated mugs made of stainless steel, so that you can keep the leftover coffee hot for an extended time.

FAQ for Large Coffee Mugs

What is a large coffee mug?

As mentioned earlier, it is considered a large coffee mug when it can hold at least 16 fl oz of liquid. It may go over 16 to 20 (and even 30) fl oz depending on how heavy a coffee drinker you are.


How big is a 20 oz coffee mug?

A 20 fl oz coffee mug can contain about 591 ml of liquid, and that’s more than half a liter.


Happy caffeinating!

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