11 Best Glass Coffee Tables In 2021: Reviews & Buyers Guide

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Would you like a coffee table that draws attention? Then, you probably are searching for a glass coffee table, and we’re glad to help you with that.

The glass coffee table stands out as it has a luster that will always catch anyone’s curiosity. There are various advantages of having a glass coffee table, but we can cover it later in the buyer’s guide section.

For now, we’d like to show you our list of the best glass coffee tables.

11 Best Glass Coffee Tables

Mecor Rectangle Glass Coffee Table-Modern Side Coffee Table

Key Features

  • Rectangular coffee table
  • Tempered glass top, .32 inches (8 mm) thick
  • Frosted glass bottom shelf, .24 inches (6 mm) thick
  • Assembly needed
  • Other materials: chrome-type stainless steel tubes, MDF wood legs
  • Dimensions: 39.4 x 23.6 x 17.7 inches (100 x 60 x 45 cm)

In any shape, a glass coffee table will look elegant, just like this Mecor Rectangle Glass Coffee Table. This coffee table would fit more in contemporary design with its sleek and stylish geometric appearance.

The combination of colors would fit in any home furnishing. The black MDF legs, chrome-type stainless steel tube frame, and the frosted glass bottom shelf complement each other well.

The 8mm thick tempered glass top is durable and scratch-free. The frosted glass in the bottom shelf has a 6mm thickness, and works perfectly for books, magazines, remote controls, and newspapers.


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Ample lower shelf space
  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to assemble
  • Budge-friendly


  • Not for the home with kids around

Final Verdict

This glass coffee table is very affordable, just the perfect size, and perfectly fits into any home furnishings.

Henn&Hart Modern Geometric-Inspired Glass Coffee Table

Key Features

  • Rectangular coffee table
  • Tempered glass top and lower shelf
  • Metal frame
  • Dimensions: 45 x 20 x 17 inches (114 x 50.5 x 43 cm)

The Henn&Hart Modern Geometric-Inspired Glass Coffee Table is considered a universal table. This is due to its versatile design that can transform into any table you may think of.

This coffee table fits in old-fashioned homes, mid-century design, contemporary interior furnishings, Asian, etc. It’s made of premium materials that ensure durability and stability.

The coffee table is functional as well. The lower shelf has enough room for reading materials and other decors you want to showcase.


  • Versatile design
  • Made from premium materials
  • Spacious lower shelf
  • Easily assembles
  • Sound construction


  • May not be suited for large seating layout

Final Verdict

This coffee table is an affordable piece of furniture that can complement well with any interior furnishings.

Henn&Hart Modern Chic 2-Tier Coffee Table for Living Room

Key Features

  • 2-tier design
  • Tempered glass tops
  • Durable silver nickel metal frame
  • Geometric design
  • Dimensions: 43 x 23 x 18 inches (109 x 58.5 x 45.5 cm)

This Henn&Hart Modern Chic 2-Tier Coffee Table has a strong visual appeal. The two square table tops feature sophistication that can complement any interior decorating.

It’s versatile and can function as a centerpiece or a side table. One side can be used to lay down your coffee, keys, book, and remote, while the other can accommodate some fine adornments.

This glass coffee table is not just all beauty but it’s also made of premium materials. Both toptables are made from tempered glasses for durability and safety.


  • Well-made
  • Versatile 2-tier design
  • Quick and easy to put together
  • Luxurious design


  • Quite small

Final Verdict

If the tabletop size is not a priority, this 2-tier glass coffee table is an ideal furniture to add glam to your living space.

TANGKULA Glass Coffee Table, 2-Tier Modern Oval Smooth Glass

Key Features

  • Oval-shaped
  • 2-tier lower shelf
  • Tubular metal legs
  • All tempered black glass top and shelves
  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 20 x 18 inches (90 x 50.5 x 45.5 cm)

Black depicts elegance, and so is the Tangkula Oval Glass Coffee Table. Who wouldn’t love to wake up in the morning and have a nice warm coffee over this table?

The combination of black glass and chrome-style tubular metal legs feature a clean design. This coffee table is but simple yet stylish.

The tempered glass tops and shelf boards were all tough beauties. The lower shelves are efficient storages for your favorite ornaments and some stuff.


  • Elegantly-made
  • Creates a calming ambiance
  • Durable and stable
  • Provides enough storage space
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not ideal with children around
  • Not big enough for large rooms

Final Verdict

This glass coffee table is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms, and best of all, it’s a very affordable piece of elegant furniture.

Glass Coffee Table for Living Room Tempered Glass by Fenghua

Key Features

  • Rectangular glass coffee table
  • All-tempered glass
  • Clear
  • Dimensions: 39.4 x 19.7 x 13.8 inches (100 x 50 x 35 cm)

Simplicity and elegance are what anyone would notice with the Fenghua Glass Coffee Table. It’s all made of clear tempered glass, no metal, and wood frames but just pure, clean, bright, and tough glass.

This glass coffee table features sophistication and a calming environment. The glass is smooth, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

Matching it with your existing furnishings is not an issue as this all clear glass coffee table will complement well in any interior design.


  • Tough and stable
  • Matches well with any interior design
  • Perfect for homes with limited space
  • Creates a roomy impression
  • Does not add visual clutter


  • Lacks extra storage space as shelf

Final Verdict

The Fenghua Glass Coffee Table is the kind of furnishing that you wouldn’t worry about matching your home decorating scheme, and it’s excellent for small to medium-sized living areas.

Signature Design by Ashley – Coylin Glass Top Square Coffee Table, Brushed Nickel Finish

Key Features

  • Square coffee table
  • Tempered top glass
  • Metal frame
  • Modern architectural design
  • Dimensions: 34.125 x 34.125 x 16.38 inches (86.5 x 86.5 x 41.5 cm)

If you’re looking for a modern on-trend style coffee table, the Signature Design by Ashley-Coylin Glass Top Square Coffee Table is well-fitting. This square coffee table has an interesting geometrical style frame that shows sophistication.

The metal frame is shiny as chrome and stands stable. The beveled tempered glass is clear and provides an open ambiance.

The coffee table is not too big nor too small. Fitting it in a room with enough space would be ideal.


  • Interesting modern on-trend style
  • Complements well with any interior design concept
  • Fits larger room size
  • Durable


  • Not recommended for families with children

Final Verdict

This glass coffee table would sit fair and square in any room where it’s needed; keep the children away.

bonVIVO White Coffee Table Donatella – Designer Coffee Tables for Living Room and Modern Coffee Table

Key Features

  • Rectangular coffee table
  • Solid bamboo legs
  • Wooden board for the shelf
  • Tempered glass top
  • Dimensions: 43 x 21.7 x 15.7 inches (109 x 55 x 40 cm)

Any living room deserves a beautiful coffee table. And this bonVivo Donatella white coffee table is not just for the visual appeal but for functionality as well.

The natural look of the solid bamboo legs creates a feeling of closeness to nature. The white contrast coming off from the shelf floor creates a calming environment.

The clear tempered glass is not just for durability and safety but it also brings an ambiance that is open and airy. Match it with some fancy decorations and your living area would be such a cozy place to relax.


  • Visually appealing
  • Fits well in large seating format
  • Stands stable
  • Rustic and modern concept combined
  • Cleans easily


  • Not fit to small living areas with kids

Final Verdict

This coffee table is an excellent choice for the homeowner who seeks functionality and style.

Home Styles Illusion Glass Top Coffee Table

Key Features

  • Round coffee table
  • Wide and angled concrete base
  • Polished edge glass top
  • 3/8-inch top glass
  • Dimensions: 35.5 x x 19.25 inches (90 x 48.5 cm)

Glass coffee tables can come in different sizes and shapes. And you’ll be amazed at how manufacturers can be so creative, and this Home Styles Illusion Glass Top Coffee Table is one of the most innovative pieces of furnishing.

This round coffee table has an off-set, angled concrete base that creates an illusion of a suspended round top glass. The thick 9.5 mm top glass is safe and durable.

The coffee table will create a unique contemporary look in your living area. It can also make your living space roomy.


  • Straightforward assembly
  • Simple yet elegant
  • Eye-catcher
  • Stable wide base
  • Durable


  • Quite expensive

Final Verdict

The Home Styles Illusion Glass Coffee Table is an excellent choice for small apartments and rooms with limited space.

Furniture of America Kavetto Coffee Table, Chrome

Key Features

  • Square coffee table
  • Chrome finished metal frame
  • Crossed metal frame design
  • 10-mm thick tempered glass
  • Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 19.25 (91 x 91 x 48.5 cm)

If elegance is of top priority, the Kavetto coffee table is full of dazzling visual appeal. The combination of a chrome-finished metal frame and clear glass provides a luxurious touch to any living room.

The crossed metal frame provides stable support to the thick tempered glass. It doesn’t matter whether your interior layout is traditional, modern or contemporary as this square glass coffee table will perfectly blend with other furnishings.


  • Striking design
  • Sturdy frame and top glass
  • Stable
  • Assembly is easy


  • Not for small rooms
  • A bit expensive

Final Verdict

This Furniture of America Kavetto coffee table is great for large seating configuration, though it doesn’t appear to occupy space due to its design.

BOWERY HILL Glass Top Coffee Table in Satin

Key Features

  • Rectangular coffee table
  • Satin finish curved metal legs
  • Wide pedestal base
  • 8mm beveled tempered glass top
  • Dimensions: 50 x 28 x 18.5 inches (127 x 71 x 47 cm)

A large living area needs a bigger coffee table, and the Bowery Hill Glass Top Coffee Table fits this kind of setting. This glass coffee table is robust and provides a spacious tabletop for coffee breaks and a roomy workspace for your laptop.

The coffee table is sturdy and very stable, with its large metal legs and wide pedestal base. The pedestal base can be used as an open shelf to accommodate decors and other stuff.

The tempered glass is thick and sturdy, so it can carry heavy loads without worrying about breakage.


  • Stylish and elegant
  • Excellent for large rooms
  • Durable and very stable
  • Spacious lower shelf
  • Large top glass


  • Not for small living spaces
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

This rectangular glass coffee table is an excellent choice for large homes and those living areas with huge seating configurations.

Modern Rustic Tempered Glass Top Coffee Table with Solid Teak Driftwood Base

Key Features

  • Round tempered glass top
  • Solid driftwood base
  • Dimensions: topglass(23.6 x .3 inches or 60 cm x 10 mm), driftwood base(19.7(D) x 15.7(H) inches or 50 x 40 cm)

Indeed, glass tabletop is a versatile material as it can be matched with almost any base type. Like this Modern Rustic Coffee Table with a solid teak driftwood base, the glass top complements it well.

The combination is but extraordinary. The driftwood base is handcrafted and is truly an eye-catching piece of furniture.

The wide solid base ensures stability and durability.


  • Extraordinary design
  • Very stable
  • Durable
  • Ideal for small spaces


  • Too small
  • Lacks extra storage space

Final Verdict

This round glass coffee table is excellent for the homeowner who prioritizes design over functionality.

Buyers Guide for the Best Glass Coffee Table

Why buy a glass coffee table? Glass has various advantages over wood as it can be shaped into any size, and it’s lightweight.

It can also be painted over, engraved, frosted, and not difficult to transport. What you can do with wood, you can do with glass as well.

Do you need extra storage as open shelves? You can have glass coffee tables with shelves as well.

Worried about the durability of glass? You can opt for tempered glass coffee tables, which is durable and offers safety as it shatters in small pieces that reduce injury risks.

So how do you pick the best glass coffee table for your living room? Here are some extra points to consider when purchasing a glass coffee table.

Consider the Height

Should your glass coffee table be higher or lower than your couch or sofa? Don’t you think it’s a bit awkward having your coffee table too high for your sofa?

It would look like a dining table, right? Too low, and you’ll have difficulty putting down your mug of coffee.

In general, the height of your glass coffee table should be equal to your couch, or at least 2 to 3 inches lower or higher. Such heights would allow you to put down and pick up drinks comfortably.

Resting your tired feet over these levels would be more relaxing as well. So, before buying a coffee table, it’s important to know how high is your couch or chair.

Choose the Right Proportion

If the height of your coffee table is important, choosing the right proportion is equally critical. A coffee table that’s too short or too long, too small or too big, would look unappealing.

As a general rule, your coffee table should be at about two-thirds of the length of your couch. Therefore, if your couch measures 5 feet (60 inches), your coffee table should be at about 3.3 ft (40 inches).

Anything shorter or longer would look awkward, and you don’t want to ruin your interior design, do you?

Consider the Shape

After deciding on the suitable height and proportions for your coffee table, you need to identify which shape to pick. The most common shapes of glass coffee table would be square, rectangle, round, and oval.

There are also some general rules when choosing the right shape of your coffee table.

Square coffee table – A square coffee table can eat up space, so you have to leave an ample amount of legroom between your couch and your table. Too near, and it will too restricting, too far, and it will be awkward.

A square coffee table should be used in spacious living areas.

Rectangular coffee table – A rectangular coffee table saves space with its slimmer shape, and it perfectly fits a rectangular seating configuration. The same distance ruling as the square coffee table applies.

A rectangular coffee table ideally matches living rooms with limited space.

Round coffee table – Like the square coffee table, a round coffee table takes up space, but the curved edges of the round coffee table save a bit more space than the square ones.

Just like the square coffee table, a round coffee table is best suited for spacious living areas.

Oval coffee table – An oval coffee table is similar to a rectangular one, but it saves more space. If you have limited space in your room, an oval coffee table would likely be a wise choice.

Do you Have Other Needs?

A coffee table is, of course, furniture meant for coffee breaks. But it also serves other functions like space to lay down your laptop and do some work from home tasks.

It’s also a piece of excellent furniture to lay down your keys and the remotes. But do you have other needs other than the uses mentioned earlier?

How about some extra storage space to showcase some of your fancied decorations? Do you need an extra shelf for other things like books and other reading materials?

How about some caster wheels, so you can easily move your coffee table without exerting much effort? You might need some of these features, so it’s important to list down the extra functions you need for a coffee table.

What about Your Budget?

The budget is also an important point to consider as coffee tables can vary in prices. The good thing is that glass coffee tables are more affordable than wood ones.

Determine your budget and make the most of it. Don’t rush buying a coffee table just for the sake of putting something to fill in your living room.

Our list of the best glass coffee table contains some of the best and most affordable. Keep in mind all the points to consider, and there’s no doubt that you’ll find the best glass coffee table for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of glass is used for coffee tables?

Top furniture manufacturers use tempered glass as a standard in glass coffee tables. Tempered glass is durable and safe as it shatters into small pieces.

It is also thick and can hold heavier loads without cracking.

The ordinary glass is weak and can’t withstand heavy load. Additionally, it shatters into large pieces with sharp edges and may increase the risk of serious injuries.

How thick should a glass coffee table top be?

Generally, a quarter of an inch thick glass top is used when it will only serve as a protective cover of a tabletop. But it’s a different story when applied to a glass coffee table, where the top glass will be the actual table surface.

Manufacturers use thicker top glasses, especially when the table’s dimension is more than 24 inches. Typically, for such a situation, a glass thicker than a quarter inch is used.

As a rule of thumb, depending on the weight the tabletop will carry, a thickness of 3/8″, 1/2″, or 1/4″ will do.

Are glass coffee tables safe?

Glass coffee tables are designed to be safe, but accidents are unexpected disasters that are unavoidable. If you have kids around, it’s safer to use round-edged coffee tables.

An oval or round glass coffee table would be favorable for households with young children. Additionally, always make sure that the glass’s thickness matches the weight it’s carrying and ensures that you only buy those made of tempered glass.

Do glass coffee tables scratch easily?

Generally, glass coffee tables are not spared from getting scratched, especially if used in kitchens and dining rooms. However, there are some ways to protect your glass coffee tables from scratches and other damages.

One good practice is to avoid placing hot plates, bowls, and other utensils directly on the top glass. If you need to place hot items on the table, you may use placemats and coasters.

If there are young kids, you might need to watch over them when playing and running around the living area where your glass coffee table is located. Kids mindlessly play around and may not be aware that they are scratching the top glass with their toys or other rough materials damaging the glass.

As much as possible, don’t let them play around the living area unattended.

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