9 Best Coffee Percolators In 2021: Reviews & Buyers Guide

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Best Coffee PercolatorWho says the traditional way of brewing coffee is already behind the times? When brewing coffee, a conventional drip coffee maker is still favored, but what about percolators and other coffee brewing methods, such as coffee from a Moka Pot or French press?

You’re probably here looking for the best coffee percolator to satisfy your daily coffee cravings. The best thing about coffee percolators is that they are affordable brewers!

On the other hand, a coffee percolator may not be for everyone. Why? Because the process of percolating coffee is not time efficient.

However, for most coffee aficionados, the taste of good coffee is most important. That’s why many coffee pros search for a reliable stovetop coffee percolator for their kitchens.

Moreover, the aroma of stovetop coffee is intense, and if you love the smell of coffee early in the morning, you will fall in love with a coffee percolator. The portable coffee urn is also amazing for camping coffee or other coffee making that doesn’t require electricity!

I’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you with your best coffee percolator buying decision, and you may want to check out my list of some of the best coffee grinders out there. That way, you have coffee ground fresh for your percolator!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best options on the market today.

9 Best Coffee Percolator Choices for 2021

Farberware 47053 Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite 12-Cup Coffee Percolator

Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite 12-Cup Coffee Percolator

Key Features

  • 12-cup capacity stovetop percolator
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Permanent filter basket
  • Clear glass knob
  • Hard plastic handle
  • Dimensions: 8.86 x 7.28 x 10.83 inches
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs

The Farberware classic stovetop Yosemite percolator is made of sturdy stainless steel that makes it a long-lasting coffee maker. It holds 12 cups of rich and full-flavored percolated coffee to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

It has a permanent filter basket, so there’s no need for you to use paper filters. This feature is excellent for the environment and helps you save money as well.

The transparent glass knob allows you to see when percolation starts and ends. The black hard plastic handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable handling.

Cleaning is a breeze as the entire coffee pot, including internal parts, is dishwasher-safe. This feature provides additional convenience to its users.


  • It has sturdy stainless steel materials that last a lifetime
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It’s dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • Large capacity brewer
  • Environment-friendly
  • It has a non-reactive interior that keeps water from absorbing bad odor and taste
  • It makes great coffee


  • It has some issues with the glass knob breaking

Final Verdict

Overall, this Farberware percolator is sturdy and makes enough delicious coffee to serve a crowd in a single brewing. It makes great iced coffee, so long as you provide the cubes!

I’ve got more products available from Farberware, if you want to take a look at some of the Best Farberware Coffee Makers.

Presto 02822 6-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator

Presto 6-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator

Key Features

  • 6-cup electric percolator
  • Stainless steel pot
  • Stainless steel percolator tube and basket
  • 500-watt power
  • Indicator light
  • Detachable power cord
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Cool touch plastic knob and handle
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 4 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 16 oz

The Presto 02822 stainless steel percolator makes 6 cups of great-tasting and aromatic coffee. It requires electricity, so it’s convenient to use anywhere with a power outlet.

It’s small and lightweight, so it’s portable and ideal for use in RVs, hotels, at home, or in the office. You can quickly tell when it finishes percolation, as it has a built-in indicator light.

It has an automatic keep-warm function, so your leftover coffee will stay warm for some time. The cool touch plastic knob and handle keep your hands safe.

It also has a drip-free spout design, so your coffee pours out into your cup and not on your countertop. The power cord is detachable for easy cleanup and storage.


  • Sturdy stainless steel carafe and internal parts
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The keep-warm function keeps coffee hot
  • Elegant design
  • The indicator light tells you when the brew is ready
  • Easy to clean


  • It’s quite small and would not be ideal for a large group of people

Final Verdict

The Presto 02882 is great for a small family or small group. It’s great if you’re not a heavy coffee drinker, but if you need a bigger capacity percolator, consider the Presto 12-cup model.

Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator

Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator

Key Features

  • 12-cup stainless steel electric percolator
  • Makes 4 to 12 cups of coffee
  • Transparent plastic knob
  • Ergonomic cool-touch handle
  • Stay-cool bottom
  • Indicator light
  • Detachable power cord
  • Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.30 x 12.24 inches
  • Weight: 3 lbs

The Cuisinart PRC-12 is a large capacity percolator, which is ideal for heavy coffee drinkers or a large group of people. You can also make as few as 4 cups of brewed coffee, depending on your needs.

The transparent plastic knob allows you to see when the percolation process begins. It is exciting to see how the coffee brews, and you can hear it making a “perk-perk” sound, just like its namesake!

The cool-touch handle has an ergonomic design that protects your hand from burns and allows you to pour out good coffee every time. The stay-cool bottom makes it safe to put on any surface.

And when the coffee’s ready, the indicator light illuminates as if inviting you to take your first cup. The detachable cord makes it easy to clean and store.

The stainless steel construction makes it a long-lasting carafe, more reliable over glass carafe options.


  • It has a large-capacity coffee percolator
  • It has a cool-touch knob and handle for hand and finger protection
  • It has a long-lasting stainless steel pot
  • Makes great-tasting percolated coffee
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Beautiful aesthetics


  • The transparent plastic knob is prone to breaking

Final Verdict

The Cuisinart PRC-12’s shiny stainless steel not only adds elegance and beauty, but durability as well. It makes a few cups or a full 12-cup pot, which makes it a versatile percolator.

Moss & Stone Electric Coffee Percolator 10-cup Capacity

Moss & Stone Electric Coffee Percolator 10-cup Capacity

Key Features

  • 10-cup electric coffee percolator
  • Copper finish stainless steel body
  • Stainless steel coffee filter set and lid
  • Automatic keep warm function
  • Ready-to-serve indicator light
  • Detachable cord
  • Clear glass lid knob
  • Dimensions: 11 x 5.7 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 3.19 lbs

The first thing you will notice with the Moss & Stone electric coffee percolator is its shiny copper finish. It makes it attractive and durable.

The stainless coffee filter set and lid also add to its reliability. The transparent lid knob is made of glass and not hard plastic.

It also features a ready-to-serve indicator light that tells you when it’s time to get a cup. The automatic keep-warm function starts as soon as the brewing ends, keeping your delicious coffee piping hot.

It is a compact model, considering its 10-cup capacity, so you can transport it easily when you go to the office or on some vacations. The 10 cup capacity is enough to serve the whole family, and is ideal for people who drink a lot of coffee.


  • Spill-free traditional spout design
  • It has a durable glass knob
  • The copper finish gives it an elegant aesthetic
  • It keeps coffee hot with the automatic keep-warm function
  • It serves a good number of family members and friends
  • It’s compact and lightweight
  • It has a detachable power cord for easy cleaning, storing, and transporting


  •  It could be better if it had an on/off switch

Final Verdict

The Moss & Stone electric percolator has a unique copper finish design, and it’s made of durable materials for your thermal carafe needs.

Primula Today Aluminum Stove Top Percolator 9-cup

Primula Today Aluminum Stove Top Percolator 9-cup

Key Features

  • 9-cup aluminum stove top percolator
  • Transparent plastic lid knob
  • Stay cool black plastic handle
  • Dimensions: 8.15 x 5.20 x 8.23 inches
  • Weight: 12 oz

The Primula Today works on almost any heat source, which makes it a versatile percolator. It is made of aluminum, which is a lightweight but sturdy kind of metal, perfect for camping coffee.

The transparent plastic lid knob serves as a window so you can see when the percolating process begins. The stay-cool black plastic handle allows you to comfortably handle the percolator while protecting your hands from the hot metal pot.

It’s compact and lightweight, so it’s not just great for home use, but also for the outdoors!


  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • It has a traditional and classic design
  • It makes a good amount of coffee for several people
  • It works on virtually any heat source, making it an excellent coffee maker for travel
  • It’s easy to clean and use
  • It makes delicious coffee


  • You need to be extra careful with the plastic knob on the lid as it’s prone to breaking

Final Verdict

The Primula Today coffee percolator serves a generous amount of coffee, so it’s an all-around good coffee percolator. It’s no espresso machine, but that’s not why you’re here, is it?

GSI Outdoors 8 Cup Enamelware Percolator Coffee Pot

GSI Outdoors 8 Cup Enamelware Percolator Coffee Pot

Key Features

  •  40 fl oz coffee pot capacity
  • 8-cup enamelware stovetop percolator pot
  • Aluminum coffee filter set
  • Plastic knob
  • Stay cool enamel-coated steel handle
  • Dimensions: 8 x 5.9 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 21 oz

The GSI Outdoors is an enamel-coated, steel stovetop coffee percolator that works in almost any heat source. It serves a hefty amount of coffee for the whole family or a group of friends.

It is convenient to use and easy to clean. The transparent plastic knob on the lid allows you to monitor the percolation process, and it brews a great medium roast.

The handle is also made of enameled steel, making it sturdier than most percolators with plastic grip. What’s great about this GSI Outdoors percolator is it comes in different colors: black, blue, cream, green, and red.

Having so many color options allows you to pick one that matches your personality or something that matches your kitchen’s interior design. Or get one that matches your tent when you go camping!


  • It’s made of sturdy materials
  • It comes in various colors
  • Can be used with different heat sources
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Classic design
  • Enamelware is non-stick, so the coffee stain doesn’t cling inside the pot


  • Aluminum parts are too thin and are prone to bending

Final Verdict

The GSI enamelware percolator is a classic camping coffee maker that does its job well. If you’re looking for an old school type of stovetop coffee percolator and want a variety of colors to choose from, this GSI Outdoors enamelware percolator could be your top pick.

Coleman Stainless Steel Percolator, 12 Cup

Coleman Stainless Steel Percolator, 12 Cup

Key Features

  • 12-cup stainless steel stovetop coffee percolator
  • Welded stainless steel handle and spout
  • Stainless steel filter basket set
  • Glass dome knob
  • Dimensions: 6.4 x 8.6 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs

The Coleman 12-cup stainless steel percolator is a sturdy and long-lasting coffee maker. It doesn’t have any plastic parts, which makes it more durable and less complicated than the average espresso maker.

It has a classic design that may look good beside your average automatic drip coffee maker. The polished stainless steel body is easy to clean by just wiping it with a soft cloth.

The filter set is also made of stainless steel metal, so it doesn’t easily bend like the aluminum ones. The transparent glass dome knob allows you to view the percolation process.


  • It’s made of strong and long-lasting materials
  • It’s compact and lightweight, making it ideal for travel or the outdoors
  • It has a nice old school design
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain
  • It doesn’t have any plastic parts


  • The welded stainless steel handle can get hot and should be covered with wood or silicon

Final Verdict

The Coleman stainless steel percolator is one of the most durable coffee makers out there. It’s ideal for home use or camping with a large group of friends.

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel Percolator

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel Percolator

Key Features

  • 12-cup capacity stovetop percolator
  • 18/8 Stainless steel materials
  • Plastic resin PercView knob
  • Silicone handle
  • Stainless steel filter assembly
  • Dimensions: 9 x 5.9 x 8.6 inches
  • Weight: 16 oz

The GSI Glacier stainless steel percolator can brew 12 cups of great-tasting coffee. It is made of 18/8 stainless steel materials, so it’s sturdy and rust-resistant.

The resin PercView Dome at the top of the lid allows you to witness the percolating process. You can quickly tell when the brewing process starts so you can monitor your overall brewing time.

The silicone handle ensures your hand’s safety. It’s compact and lightweight, making it a perfect choice for camping and other outdoor activities.


  • Beautiful classic design
  • It makes a delicious and strong coffee brew
  • It’s sturdy and built to last
  • Compact and lightweight
  • It’s a large capacity brewer
  • Easy to use and clean


  • The resin PercView Dome needs extra care when pulled as it’s prone to breaking

Final Verdict

The GSI Glacier percolator is a sturdy, large-capacity brewer. If you’re the kind of coffee lover who loves the outdoors, the GSI Glacier could be an excellent camping companion, especially if you have a group of campers who also love coffee.

Coletti “Bozeman” Percolator Coffee Pot – 9 Cup

Coletti "Bozeman" Percolator Coffee Pot

Key Features

  •  9-cup camping coffee pot
  • Stainless steel materials
  • Wooden insulated handle
  • Glass cover knob
  • Stainless steel filter assembly
  • Dimensions: 8.1 x 5.75 x 8.1 inches
  • Weight: 2.35 lbs

The Bozeman percolator is built for the outdoors, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be used at home. It has a large capacity coffee pot ideal for a large group of campers or a big family.

It’s designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and built with thick stainless steel materials. It has no plastic and aluminum parts, so it is food-safe and will last a lifetime.

The glass cover knob serves as your window to the percolation process going on inside the coffee pot. It’s made of tempered glass so you can be sure of its durability.

The handle stays cool with its wooden additions, keeping your hands and fingers safe from burning. Paper filters are unnecessary, but the product comes with 20 free filters if you don’t want any grit in your coffee cup.


  • No aluminum and plastic parts
  • Can last a lifetime with its sturdy materials
  • Great nostalgic aesthetics
  • Large-capacity coffee pot
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Compact and lightweight


  • The wood attached to the handle may wear out after frequent washing

Final Verdict

If you’re an outdoor coffee lover, the Bozeman could be your perfect camping partner. It has a large capacity brewer, and it’s also great for home use.

Best Overall: Farberware classic stovetop Yosemite percolator

Best Electric Option: Presto 02822 6-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator

Easiest to Operate: Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator

Most Luxurious: Moss & Stone Electric Coffee Percolator 10-cup Capacity

Most Compact: Primula Today Aluminum Stove Top Percolator 9-cup

Best for Camping: GSI Outdoors 8 Cup Enamelware Percolator Coffee Pot

Most Durable: Coleman Stainless Steel Percolator, 12 Cup

Best for a Group: GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel Percolator

Best Indoors and Outdoors: Coletti “Bozeman” Percolator Coffee Pot – 9 Cup

Buyers Guide For Your Next Coffee Percolator

How Much Coffee do you Need Daily?

Coffee percolators come in many different sizes. Some serve only a few people, and some serve a crowd. Your percolator’s capacity is an essential consideration, as you should want to brew just the right amount of coffee for your daily needs.

If you have a large family with many heavy coffee drinkers, you might need to consider a 12-cup percolator. On the other hand, if you only have a few companions who drink coffee, a smaller capacity percolator is all you need.

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Electric or Stovetop Percolator?

Do you want an electric or stovetop percolator? Electric percolators are more convenient to use, but you lack control over the brewing process.

Once the electric percolator starts the brewing process, you’ll just have to wait for it to finish. You cannot extend the brewing time, unlike with many stovetop ones.

Additionally, electric percolators won’t work in places without power, so you can’t bring them on camping trips unless you have RVs or any other power source. They don’t last as long as well, because the heating element may sooner or later fail.

On the other hand, stovetop percolators can work using almost any heat source, making them more versatile. You can also prolong your percolation process by extending the brewing time, resulting in a more flavorful brew.

Stovetop percolators, especially those made of sturdy stainless steel materials, can last a lifetime.

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Enamelware?

Aluminum percolators are sturdy and lightweight, making them ideal for camping. They can also last a lifetime, although aluminum is prone to bending, especially if made thinly.

A slight bend in any aluminum material used in the filter set may affect the percolating process, especially in the percolating tube.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, is a more durable and harder material. But functionality may degrade if mixed with plastic parts.

Hard plastics may last long, but when exposed to prolonged heat, they may turn brittle and sooner break, affecting the functionality of the entire stainless steel percolator.

Enamelware percolator pots are made of steel coated with ceramic enamel. They are safe for cooking and are non-stick, so they are easy to clean like stainless steel.

What’s good about the enamelware percolator pots is that they can come in different colors. Therefore, you can choose a color that matches your personality or the design of your kitchen.


Coffee percolators are affordable and may have a narrow price range. But it’s always a good thing to set a budget for any purchase.

It’s a good idea to pick the stovetop percolator that has the features you need and matches your budget. Some percolators may have the same features but differ in price, so be vigilant about it and pick the one that better matches your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is percolator coffee better than drip?

It depends on a person’s coffee preference. But technically, more flavor and aroma are extracted in the percolation process than through drip coffee machine brewing.

So, a percolated coffee has a more potent aroma and coffee taste than drip coffee. No matter what, it’s going to be better than instant coffee!

Which percolator makes the best coffee?

No matter what, all of these products make a delicious brew. It all depends on your individual needs for which brewer makes the best cup of joe. There are even more brands to consider that I didn’t list here, such as OXO Brew products as well as higher end items such as the Eurolux percolator.

There are many accessories and additional things to consider when trying to make the best cup of coffee. For example, I always recommend a fresh roasted coffee bean, fresh ground coffee, as well as a milk frother, should you enjoy steamed milk with your morning cup!

Is percolated coffee the best?

It depends on how you want to prepare your coffee. There are coffee lovers who enjoy the taste of drip coffee, and some coffee snobs would go for a more complicated espresso, cold brew, or other specialty coffee blends.

So the question of percolated coffee being the best will gather different answers from different coffee aficionados.

How do you make a good percolator coffee?

Making a good percolator coffee depends on how strong you want your brew. But technically, you can make a good one by following the steps below:

  1. Pour the desired amount of water in your percolator pot.
  2. Assemble the filter assembly and put a tablespoon of ground coffee for every cup of water you use in the pot.
  3. Turn on the heat and wait for the water to boil.
  4. When the water comes to a boil, lower the heat and wait until the water goes up the percolator tube.
  5. Wait for at least 8 to 10 minutes, depending on how strong you want your brew.
  6. Remove the pot from the heat source and let it settle for a few more minutes.
  7. Pour the percolated coffee in a cup and enjoy!

Happy Brewing!

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