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Best Coffee Maker With GrinderDo you have a coffee grinder?

No?! That is Perfect!

You see, everyone will tell you to get Best Burr Coffee Grinder but it is not essential!

Yes, you don’t need a dedicated burr grinder, if you go for a 2 in 1 system or also called brew and grind coffee maker.

Don’t get me wrong, having an excellent grinder will by far yield the best possible coffee outcome, but it doesn’t need to be a dedicated grinder.

Grind and Brew coffee makers are popular mainly because they save time and space for coffee enthusiasts, but it’s the burr grinder and sophisticated brewer combination that makes some of the systems to triumph over the rest.

Let’s look at the ones worth considering.

Which One Is The Best Coffee Maker With Grinder?

Cuisinart DGB-650BC

Cuisinart DGB-650BC

Key Features

  • 10-cup double-walled thermal carafe
  • Automatic shut off
  • Brew pause
  • 1 to 4 cups setting
  • Goldtone coffee filter
  • Charcoal filter
  • Programmable
  • LCD screen
  • Showerhead
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 12 x 17.5 inches (24.9 x 30.5 x 44.5 cm)
  • Weight: 6.16 lbs (2.8 kg)

The DGB-650BC coffee maker is another great product of Cuisinart, which is a nice addition to any modern kitchen. It is programmable so you’ll wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Isn’t it amazing to wake up like that? You won’t be needing your alarm clock with this automatic coffee maker.

The machine has this “grind-off” control, which deactivates the grinder when you want to use preground coffee. And cleaning is easy because of the separate assembly for grinding and filter chamber.

The charcoal water filter and goldtone coffee filter is a great combination for giving you just pure coffee flavor. And if you can’t wait to get a cup of Joe, you can simply sneak a cup before finishing the brew cycle.


  • Fully programmable
  • Separate filter basket compartment for easy cleanup
  • Separate grinding chamber for easy adding of beans
  • Can make few cups (1 to 4 cups)
  • Great classic design
  • BPA-free plastic parts (all parts that come in contact with coffee or water)
  • Large capacity


  • You need to clean and dry the grinding chamber before pouring in the next batch of beans as it gets a lot of steam after use.

Final Verdict

The Cuisinart DGB-650BC coffee maker is an outstanding coffee brewer and grinder in a single machine. You can set it to prepare coffee for you just before you wake up in the morning.

It has a large capacity brewing but the good thing is, it can brew for a single to four cups of Joe. It’s a nice feature when you just need coffee for yourself or a few companions.

Best of all, this grinder and brewer coffee maker makes a great-tasting cup of Joe. So, for versatility and great-tasting coffee, the Cuisinart DGB-650BC is a product that is hard to resist.

Cuisinart DGB-900BC

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind And Brew Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • 12-cup thermal carafe capacity
  • Brew strength selector (strong, medium, mild)
  • 8 oz (0.5 lb) bean hopper capacity
  • Brew Pause function
  • Water tank level indicator
  • Grind off feature
  • Programmable
  • Digital display
  • Auto shut off
  • Integrated burr grinder
  • Charcoal filter
  • Dimensions: 13.10 x 10.00 x 18.10 inches (33.3 x 25.4 x 46 cm)
  • Weight: 12.8 lbs (5.8 kgs)

The Cuisinart DGB-900BC is a huge machine that needs more countertop space. It has an 8 oz (0.5 lb) capacity bean hopper and a 12-cup thermal carafe.

Having these features makes this automatic coffee maker a reliable machine for a large family or when you got friends who love to come over for coffee. Coffee does connect people, doesn’t it?

Do you often shift brewing strength depending on your mood? No problem, as the Grind and Brew machine has a built-in Brew Strenght Selector, which you can set for strong, medium, or mild brew.

Can’t wait to finish brewing the whole pot? Just pull the thermal carafe, and the brewing cycle automatically pauses for a maximum of 30 seconds while you sneak a cup of Joe.

Thanks to the Brew Pause feature, you don’t have to wait for a whole pot to enjoy your cup of coffee. A nice feature when you’re in a hurry to get some other things done.

Did you know that Cuisinart DGB-900BC is one of the best drip coffee makers?


  • Large capacity 12-cup coffee brewer
  •  Adjustable brew strength to match yours or your guests’ preference
  • Can use preground coffee with the Grind Off function
  • Program to automatically brew coffee at your desired time
  • Can brew anywhere from 2 to 12 cups of coffee
  • The carafe keeps coffee warm for hours


  • Difficult to clean

Final Verdict

The Cuisinart DGB-900BC is a massive grind and brew machine that can take up a lot of kitchen space. But to its credit, it can serve a large group of coffee lovers.

It has a clean control panel design, which makes it simple and easy to operate. Functionality-wise the machine lives up to its promise to grind and brew great coffee.

If you don’t mind the difficulty of cleaning this huge workhorse, then this Cuisinart brew and grind machine may earn a place in your lovely kitchen.

Capresso Coffee TEAM PRO Plus Therm

Capresso Coffee TEAM PRO Plus Therm

Key Features

  • Has a built-in conical burr grinder
  • Digital display
  • Removable 7 oz (198 g) capacity coffee bean hopper
  • 50 fl oz (1.5 L) water reservoir capacity
  • Goldtone filter
  • Oily coffee setting
  • Charcoal water filter
  • 1000 watts heating power
  • Drip-stop feature
  • Cup selector
  • Automatic and manual brewing setup
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 8.25 x 12.5 inches (42 x 21 x 31.75 cm)
  • Weight: 14 lbs (6.4 kg)

The Capresso Team Pro Plus has a 10-cup thermal carafe, which is good at maintaining your coffee hot for hours. What’s so special with this Capresso grind and brew is the innovation on some of its functions.

Like for example, the Oily function is designed to brew dark roast coffee. Dark roast coffee is known to be oily, so the Capresso Team Pro increases the grind time to guarantee consistency.

Another innovation is the sloped stainless steel passage from the grinding chamber to the filter basket. The angled path avoids clogging of ground coffee.

What’s more? The self-cleaning burr grinder ensures that you always get a freshly ground coffee each brewing cycle.


  • 3 grind settings from fine to coarse
  • Automatic self-cleaning grinder
  • Removable water tank for easy refilling
  • Brew using preground coffee
  • Select from 2 to 10 cups brewing
  • The drip stop feature allows you to sneak a cup while brewing
  • Grinds consistently even when using oily dark roast coffee


  • The bean hopper needs to be placed on tight as the grinder automatically shuts off when it is loose. The problem is the vibration during grinding tends to loosen up the bean hopper.

Final Verdict

The Capresso Team Pro Plus is one of the most well-designed grinder coffee makers.  It has great innovative functions not found in most coffee makers that can grind and brew.

If you love the convenience and brewing dark roast is your preference, then the Capresso Team Pro Plus might be your dream coffee machine.

Capresso Coffee Team TS

Capresso Coffee Team TS

Key Features

  • 6 oz (170 g) bean hopper holding capacity
  • 10 cups thermal carafe capacity
  • Illuminated Digital Screen
  • Programmable
  • 2 to 10 cups brewing selection
  • 3 brew strength selection
  • Has a charcoal water filtration system
  • Charcoal filter replacement indicator
  • Automatic shut off
  • Goldtone coffee filter
  • Can brew using preground
  • Serve while brewing feature

Who doesn’t want to be wakened up by the aroma of freshly brewed hot coffee? It’s just so invigorating, isn’t it? Well, that’s what the Capresso Coffee Team TS does.

It is programmable so you can set it at any time you want brewed coffee. It also has 5 grind settings for a more uniform grind.

Most coffee makers with grinders have this problem where steam getting in the grinding chamber. The Capresso Coffee Team TS eliminated this problem by sealing off the grinding chamber just before brewing.


  • Easy to operate
  • Illuminated LCD is easy to read
  • 24-hour programming so you can schedule in advance your coffee brewing time
  • Produce uniform grind size with its 5 grind settings
  • Steam doesn’t get into the burr grinder
  • Select your preferred brew strength with the 3-brew strength feature
  • The thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours
  • Automatic shut off feature eliminate your worries of leaving the appliance turned on


  • The bean hopper, water tank, and the upper burr are non-removable, thus, adding some inconvenience in using the machine

Final Verdict

The Capresso Coffee Team TS is a great machine that grinds uniformly and brews great-tasting coffee. It has more than enough features to satisfy your daily coffee pleasures.

If you don’t mind the inconveniences caused by the non-removable bean hopper, water tank, and upper burr, then this feature-packed brew coffee maker deserves a place in your countertop.

Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine

Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine

Key Features

  • 0.5 lbs (0.228 kg) bean hopper capacity
  • 67 fl oz (2 L) water tank capacity
  • Built-in burr grinder
  • Sets to single or double shots
  • Hands-free grinding
  • 54 mm tamper
  • Clean me light indicator
  • Grind amount setting
  • 1600 watts power
  • Dimensions: 12.00 x 11.00 x 13.50 inches (30.5 x 28 x 34.3 cm)
  • Weight: 23 lbs (10.4 kg)

Alright, the Breville’s Barista Express Espresso Machine is not the type of grind and brew coffee maker that will wake you up with a freshly brewed espresso ready for blending. Unlike the first four coffee makers reviewed, the Barista Express will give you more on the hands-on.

So, what’s with the Barista Express? It comes with a dose control grinding, which gives you the right amount of ground coffee into a portafilter.

The digital temperature control gives you the precise water temperature for perfect espresso extraction. And the steam wand doesn’t just give you foamy milk but lets you create latte art as well.


  • Compact espresso machine
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable construction
  • Complete accessories
  • Creates espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and ristretto blends
  • Makes excellent coffee


  • Pricey

Final Verdict

The Barista Express doesn’t have that programmable function, where you just wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed drip coffee. But it can provide you with a fine coffee flavor just as you would have in your favorite cafe.

If you want to feel the hands-on barista-style of coffee making,  and love different espresso blends, then the Breville’s Barista Express would likely be an excellent piece of coffee equipment to add in your kitchen.

Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Key Features

  • Aquaclean filter
  • Touchscreen display
  • Ceramic flat burr grinder
  • Hygiesteam function
  • Customizable coffee preferences
  • 1.8 L (60 fl oz) water tank capacity
  • Dimensions: 16.8 x 8.4 x 12.9 inches (42.7 x 21.3 x 32.7 cm)
  • Weight: 20.6 lbs (9.3 kg)

Well, what can you say about the Saeco PicoBaristo? It’s just a high-quality espresso machine that is easy to use and requires the least maintenance.

Best of all, it makes a broad selection of coffee drinks in the touch of a button. It also has a separate milk carafe that makes the milk frothing process very easy.

The machine is intelligent as it tells you what to do, especially when it comes to its maintenance. It tells you when to empty the drip tray, needs more water, and refill with coffee beans.

The Hygiesteam function cleans the entire milk circuit using steam to ensure sanitation. This feature makes cleaning and maintenance as easy as pie.


  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Easy to use touchscreen display
  • Easy to setup
  • Hygiesteam function thoroughly cleans milk circuit from spout to milk tubes
  • Customize coffee strength
  • Efficient collection of used coffee grounds
  • Aquaclean filter prevents calcium buildup for up to 5,000 cups


  • Small bean hopper capacity
  • Cannot fit larger mugs under the spout

Final Verdict

The PicoBarista is an expensive piece of grind and brew espresso machine. But at its price point, it could be considered as the best espresso machine.

The machine is easy to operate, and you can make cafe-quality coffee blends at home. If the budget fits, then this espresso machine is highly recommended.

Jura Impressa C60

Jura Impressa C60

Key Features

  • 64 fl oz (1.9 L) water tank capacity
  • Programmable (dose, shot, and temperature)
  • Auto shut off
  • ABS plastic casing
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Height-adjustable spout for cup clearance
  • 7 oz (198 g) bean hopper capacity
  • 1450 watts power
  • Dimensions: 16.10 x 11.00 x 13.60 inches
  • Weight: 21.2 lbs (9.6 kg)

The Jura Impressa C60 is an automatic espresso machine built with functionality and simplicity in mind. Why simplicity?

Because any newbie can operate the machine with just two knobs and two icons. Imagine with just a few knobs and buttons to play with, and you can create high-quality espresso at the comfort of your home.

What’s good about the C60 is the automatic milk frothing feature. With the Impressa C60, you just press the steam button, then twist the steam knob, and you get rich frothed milk.


  •  User-friendly and easy to use
  • Adjustable coffee spout so you can fit taller glasses or mugs
  • Bean container preserves bean freshness
  • Can user preground coffee
  • Automatically froths milk without the wand


  • Small drip tray
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

The Jura Impressa C60 is an impressive espresso machine. It can make any newbie barista make coffee like the professionals as it is very user-friendly.

The Impressa is quite pricey but if your budget fits, then having it at home can be one of the best decisions you could make. If you can’t afford the brand new Impressa, why not opt for the refurbished one?

You can save HUGE on Refurbished Jura Impressa C60 but still get exactly the same Jura quality!

Buyers Guide For Grind And Brew Coffee Makers

Purchasing a grind and brew coffee maker can be a confusing task. But if you know some factors to consider, then you’ll be eliminating the confusion.

The result is pure satisfaction with your choice of grind and brew coffee machine. So, below are some important factors to consider.


First of all, it is important to consider the budget. It would be useless to pick from various machines when in the end, you’ll learn that your budget is short for the price of your pick.

It would be frustrating, wouldn’t it?

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Do you want to wake up in the morning with freshly brewed coffee ready for serving? If you like the idea, then you should pick a machine that can be programmed to brew coffee at your designated time.

Another thing to consider is the ability to program a few cups instead of brewing a whole pot all the time.

Auto Shut Off

Are you the type of person who often forgets about things? If your answer is yes, then you need to find something that shuts itself off automatically.

It doesn’t just save you from the stress of worrying if you left the machine on, but it saves you on the electric bill as well.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

One of the most frustrating parts of grinding and brewing is maintenance and cleaning. It all starts with excitement as you grind and brew.

But then the frustration comes when you find out later on the difficulty of cleaning and maintaining some parts. So. it is also good to know if the machine you pick is easy to clean and maintain.

Makes Great-Tasting Coffee

Most importantly, the machine has to prepare great-tasting coffee. All other features are useless, and all other factors to consider are pointless if your coffee maker produces watery and bland-tasting coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are grind and brew coffee makers good?

The grind and brew coffee makers are good, especially if you want the convenience of having freshly ground and brewed coffee in early mornings. But it also depends on the product’s features.

The most important thing is how great is the taste of coffee a grind and brew coffee maker produces. Otherwise, having one would be considered no good.

What is the best grind and brew coffee maker?

The best grind and brew coffee maker depends on your preferences. If you have a small budget and will not mind having fewer features, then a budget grind and brew coffee maker will do.

However, if you’re a coffee snob who wants a high-end coffee taste and advanced machine features, then you might as well prepare a good amount of money and get the most expensive feature-packed grind and brew coffee maker your budget can buy.

How to use Cuisinart coffee maker with grinder?

The Cuisinart coffee maker with grinder is easy to use and operate. Just make sure you have enough coffee beans in the hopper.

Program the machine at a time you would want freshly brewed coffee, and you’d have coffee done exactly at the time you set. You may also set the brew strength depending on your preference.

If you need only a few cups, then you can set it to brew as few as two cups.

How to clean Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker?

The Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker is easy to clean.

Simply follow the steps below:

  • Turn the machine off and unplug it.
  • Take out the bean hopper and the filter basket including its holder.
  • Wash them with soapy water to remove oil residues.
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry well.
  • Using a soft brush, clean off the burrs. Wipe with a dry cloth if steam is present.
  • Wipe the machine’s externals with a soft dishcloth.
  • If needed, use a descaling agent once and run with clean water twice to rinse off the agent. Just take off the charcoal filter before the descaling process.

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