About Barbearista

Hi, it’s me Barbearista.

I’m here to be your one place stop for everything you could be looking in regards to coffee and men’s grooming (Comming Soon).

While the website name might resemble a bear and a bar. It has little to do with both of them. So let me welcome you in a world where barber and barista have merged into Barbearista.

Who’s behind Barbearista.com?

Barbearista.com started out as a one-man show with a vision of a brand that helps to make sound decisions to those who are interested in anything related to coffee or men’s grooming.


…life happens and quickly it turned out that having a newborn while on fulltime job and blogging takes more than 24 hours a day, so now I have hired a writer who is also passionate about above topics, and most of the articles you read here have input from both of us.

Anyways! They say, that having a passion is a must to live a fulfilled life. Well here comes two of them. A combination of these two passions made life much more fun, there is always new ideas to try, experiments to make and simply twice as many things to discover and learn.

So that’s me, a man with a beard, a cup of coffee… oh yeah, and a laptop.

What is the purpose of Barbearista.com?

Information is one of the biggest power anyone could have. But knowledge is wasted if it’s not applied.

I am here to reduce waste and bring you power. Yes yes yes my friends, I feel that it sounds like a cliche. Yet I feel confident that over time you will find that information available here brings real value to you.

Being able to show things in a new perspective is something so appealing to me that I will be providing my best knowledge of barber and a barista. If I’ll teach you a thing or two, or show you something you didn’t think of. That will be a major success for me and Barbearista.com.

Whenever you have a questions, don’t hesitate and leave them below. or get in touch through this form I will be more than happy to help you out.

Best Regards,
Your Barbearista

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